The recently launched platform called VorteXz Signals is actually just the next released Forex trading system. As usually it is presented as the most advanced investing solution people could hope for. In addition, it is allegedly developed by a team of financial market experts with more than 10 years of experience in Forex and CFDs trading. Still, the actual developer or developers of the robot remain anonymous despite the fact they claim to be absolutely transparent and open. Which seems really strange and not in accordance to the things that are claimed at the official website of the platform.

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This is why, we decided to further investigate and gather as much information as possible. As we are not impressed by the data we generated and analyzed we would like to advise all readers to  and not deal with Vortexz Signals. It may be really dangerous to your pocket so you should really carefully read the following scam review.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Signals Generating Software
  • Software: No Data
  • Max Returns: 75%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Browser-Based
  • Automated Trading Process


  • Non-Existent Creator
  • Low Success Rate
  • Negative User Feedback
  • Scam Broker Connections

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Not Reliable Service

What is VortexzSignals?

By taking a closer look at the official web page of the newly launched Forex trading software VorteXz Signals we found that there is actually a lot of information which is available there. However, it is all related to general facts and theories but nothing specific. The only thing we understood about the system is that it is supposedly based on the VorteXz Trading System Meta Trader 4 and uses algorithms which are developed especially to work on the online trading market. There is no data regarding the creators of the platform. Also, the whole appearance of the website looks like many other familiar and proven scams on the market. Therefore, we believe that there is a good chance for this software to be unreliable and bogus.


How to Get Started with Vortexz Signals?

If you want to join the Vortexz signals generating robot, you should first fill in the sign up form. Then, you will be required to place initial deposit investment at the amount of at least $250. Finally, you can start placing trades by relying on the generated signals. However, as we couldn’t find information describing the way this happens, we suggest that you should not trust the system. It is hardly able to deliver any satisfying results to its members, so it should be avoided.

Vortexz Signals – A New Scam Exposed?

Given the amount of negative feedback as well as the disappointing results it has been exposed to deliver to its users, our final verdict is that the VorteXz Signals system is a scam. It is absolutely unreliable and unauthentic therefore it cannot guarantee the safety of your investments and personal information. Not to mention the fact that the so-called professionals behind this platform have stayed anonymous which is quite worrying. After all, there is not a single proof that the product is really professional and developed by experts.

To sum all the information up, VorteXz Signals is not a good choice for making investments on the Forex market as it does not generate accurate and really profitable alerts for its users. As a matter of fact, there are much better platforms you can trade with. For example, the HBSwiss Forex trading system, and therefore we recommend it to all our readers.

Final Words

These days, most of the available Forex auto-trading systems are unreliable and fake. They only aim to take advantage of you as traders and to steal you hard earned investments. Therefore, you should be really careful and deal only with proven to work robots that have high results and stable profitability. Vortexz signals generating software is yet another under performing solution that you should stay away from.



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