Verified Trader by Simon Rober & Frank Hitchen
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BrokerVerified Trader
Website URLwww.VerifiedTrader.com
Support TypesLive Chat, Phone, E-mail
Free Demo AccountOpen Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Master, Maestro, Wire Transfer, Bancontact, CashU, iDeal, Dinners Club, JCB
Number of Assets80+
Overall Score9.4/10

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Verified Trader System is an online investment tool which was created and designed by a man called Simon Roper Head and the CEO of the company behind it is Frank Hitchen. Both of these men combined all the knowledge and skills that they had acquired in their respective fields of experience in order to ensure that regular and everyday users are provided with a reliable and authentic trading software.

Judging from the fact that the Verified Trader Software has an estimated success ratio of 98.5%, it is safe to say that they have done a pretty good job. Not only this but the software is full of vast quantities of educational materials in the form of written and video materials.

Review Verdict: Verified Trader is NOT a Scam

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Users are allowed to educate themselves on the perks of online trading while the auto-pilot generates solid daily earnings on their behalf in the meantime. Our investigation did not manage to come up with any compromising facts about the investment robot.

This is why we consider it to be a legit and authentic trading system which users can put to good use. It is completely safe and abides all established SSL standards.

How Does Verified Trader System Work?

VerifiedTrader Software could most basically be described as an Algo-trading solution. It utilizes a simple programming algorithm which has no troubles calculating expanded volumes of market data on the base of which it issues accurate predictions about asset price trends.

Simon Roper Head is the man that stands behind these computer codes and he prefers to keep his surname a secret as the technology that is implemented into Verified Trader’s algorithm is secret. He did all the programming work while Mr. Frank Hitchen is the investment expert.

Interesting Fact:

Frank Hitchen does actually have a higher education with a keen focus on robotics. He completed an MA in Artificial Intelligence Computer Science. Mr. Hitchen was then studying at Stanford University. It turned out, however, that trading was his lifetime passion. During the daytime, he was busy studying but his nights were dedicated to investment patterns and market trends.

No Download Required

One of the main reasons why Verified Trader System has managed to convince so many people to get started with it is the fact that it does not ask from one to perform any unnecessary downloading. The trading robot is totally browser-friendly and will operate on any given device type.

How to Get Started with VerifiedTrader System?

There is absolutely nothing complicated about the VerifiedTrader sign up – it is free-of-charge and one has to only enter a couple of basic personal details into the registration form. A confirmation mail will then be sent to his personal inbox.

The user will have to proceed and follow the applied link. Verified Trader Software operates with the MetaTrader 4 platform which is one of the best available in the industry. Users have nothing to worry about as it applies top SSL standards.

In short, one can get started with the profit-accumulating system by just completing the following simple steps:

1. Free Sign Up

2. Place Initial Deposit

3. Trade & Profit

VerifiedTrader Software Payouts

Simon Roper Head developed the automated trading tool in a very sophisticated manner so that it can accumulate a minimum of $1,500 on a daily basis even to complete newcomers who do not know a single about investments. This is all thanks to the excellent market prediction parameters of the computer codes.

VerifiedTrader Robot Average Price

One of the more peculiar things about this free investment software is that its sign up process is completely free. Traders have to deposit only a small deposit of $250 in order to begin trading but this is just a starting sum and can be taken back at any given moments. The broker platforms that the robot operates with are completely legit as well.

Is Verified Trader System Legit or a Scam?

We did not manage to come up with any disturbing facts about the way in which this auto-pilot robot works. It is not only legit and authentic but it can also easily accumulate solid and consistent daily earnings to all of the people that sign up with it without a view of their previous experience.

The best thing about it is that it works in close partnership only with genuine online broker platforms and utilizes the MetaTrader 4 software – one of the best digital tools for profit accumulation.

Review Verdict: Verified Trader is NOT a Scam

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Verified Trader Robot Customer Care

The customer care service of this automated investment robot is highly complex. They can readily address any kind of matter that concerns the user. This is due to the specific education and training that they undergo. Investors would be glad to hear that the team operates around-the-clock in order to ensure that any problem is catered to and solved in a timely manner.

User Testimonials

“Verified Trader System is by far the most amazing piece of automated trading software that I have ever had an account with. You can rely on it, its auto-pilot feature, and the customer care team. Profits are daily and consistent and the educational materials are exhaustive!”

Ciara Donohue, 29, Ireland

“Everyone should try the VerifiedTrader Software. You will not be disappointed! Everything about this investment system is purely masterful – its payouts, the operational mode, and the earnings, of course. I have been making almost $2,000 every single day!!!”

Helmut Janz, 45, Germany


Verified Traders System is an auto-pilot system which manages to meet and exceed user expectations. It delivers the promised and utilizes the highly efficient MetaTrader 4 platform. Users have been quick to get started with it as it is one of the most sophisticated trading tools.

Its customer support team is also considered to be friendly and being able to provide reliable and useful advice. All of the users who have taken advantage of their guidance confirms this in the existing testimonials.

The success rate is also satisfactory – 98.5%. We can recommend the investment tool as a legit and authentic software with which investors can achieve good daily payouts.