Trade Time is a recent and quite interesting online investment platform. The creative team behind it claims that each of the specialists, who are working for this system will provide users with customization services in order to help them build the perfect trading account. This is something, that not many other similar products offer, however, we are not sure whether the quality of the software is as high as promised.

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All the people who decide to sign up for this signals generating trading platform are supposedly granted to achieve an absolute trading performance through a personalized investment approach.

We are going to further investigate the case to gather more valuable and reliable information, related to the platform and its performance. Read the following scam review to see why we do not recommend the solution to you.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: At Least $250
  • Software: Trading Alerts System
  • Max Returns: 82%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Web-Based


  • Unrealistic Success Rate
  • Shady Broker Connections
  • Negative User Feedback

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Not Reliable Service

First Impressions On The TradeTime Software

By choosing to work with this fresh online investment platform, regular people should be able to easily define their trading objectives thanks to the help of the specialists, who will provide them with full assistance. All this looks quite promising, however, we couldn’t find any information related to the actual operational process of the system. In other words, we are not provided with any substantial information.

Some of the mentioned specials services and advanced features users will have access to are as follows:

  • Initial Customization
  • Access to the World’s Largest Market
  • Account Customization
  • Trading Options
  • Featured Daily Analysis
  • Secure Trading Environment

In addition, it has been stated that the trading platform is robust and built on industry standards but customized for use by everyone.


More About TradeTime’s Platform

Allegedly, the implemented algorithms and technologies in the trading platform should provide online traders with the possibility to fully explore financial markets in real-time. This should be possible thanks to the responsive and user-friendly interface of the solution. It is said to customize all the trading signals to your needs and goals. Finally, users are promised to get full access to various advanced charts and indicators as well as with one-click trading options.

Getting Started with Trade Time Software

It should be easy for everyone to join this trading system, however, we do not advise you to do that before learning some more details about the product.

The stated strike rate of the software is 82% which is not so bad. Still, in order to achieve this winning rate users should invest serious initial investment deposit into their account.

Trade Time Signals Trading Platform – Is It a Scam?

Our team is going to issue a negative final verdict on this recently launched trading solution. It is not reliable and legit but bogus and fraudulent. The promised special features are false, and the high results are not achievable. This is because of the poor software, which cannot generate any positive results on the behalf of its members.

Finally, the feedback we collected from the Internet was all negative. Former users of the software explain that despite the fact they were promised to receive 240 trading alerts per week, they actually received less than 100. Not to mention the fact that all of them were misleading and pointless.

Make sure to avoid dealing with the Trade Time System and find a truly authentic and trustworthy investment platform. For example, we would recommend the QProfit System.

Final Words

Once again we want to say that the Trade Time signals platform is one of the scam products that surround us not only in the digital world but in the physical, too. This is why our advice for all our readers is to watch out for bogus systems like this one. Make sure to deal only with reputable and proven-to-work online investment tools.



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