Top10Profits is an auto-pilot trading software which was allegedly founded by two friends – Barry Remo, a financial consultant, and Michael Silver who has a supposed experience working for Google as an IT developer.

Information that our team was able to come across suggests that this is not exactly true as there is no proof that such people exist in real life. Top10Profits System’s promotional video features only a random voiceover by a mechanically-sounding narrator and an Internet check up shows that the two have no existing social media profiles.

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User feedback confirms that there have been no traders to whom the robot has managed to generate the promised average daily profits of $2,000. This is why, we advise everyone who was considering to join the Forex robot to regard it as dubious and a likely scam.

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Not Reliable Service

What is Top10Profits System?

Even the advertising clip which streams from this online trading tool’s official website does not manage to provide a sufficient amount of reliable data about it. Head of IT Staff Michael Silver claims to have worked at a top position for Google, but this does not appear to be real as there is no such name listed in the search engine giant’s archives.

Barry Remo, alleged main founder and CEO of the company behind Top10Profits System, states that the Forex software’s programming algorithm is supposed to be based on a sophisticated principle which includes the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology.

Users should keep in mind, however, that this is also not confirmed as actual information. It is most likely just fabricated for marketing purposes. This is the main ground by which we advise people to avoid using Top10Profits Software.

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It is best to get started with an automated investment robot like FinTech Limited which appeared on the online market in mid-2016 and has drawn in many satisfied clients. Unlike Top 10 Profits System, the said is actually proven to work properly.

How to Work with Top10Profits Software?

Mr. Barry Remo may claim that the Forex software applies A.I. technology[1], but this is not actually so. If it did do this for a fact, then the number of dissatisfied traders who have tested the system would have been much smaller.

Another disturbing thing is that Top10Profits does not actually manage to achieve the stated success rate of 81%. It revolves more around the 50%-60% level which is a way to low for the automated investment robot to be regarded as legit. The robot is most likely a scam.

Interesting Fact:

Several Forex systems have successfully managed to implement A.I. technology into the computer algorithm. They have nothing to do with Top10Profits Software in performance and achieved results.

Is Top10Profits System a Scam or Reliable?

Based on the collected evidence, we were able to confirm that there is something doubtful in the way that Top10Profits operates. It does not have the capacity to deliver the results promised in the promotional video and supposed creator Barry Remo and Head of Technical Staff Michael Silver are not even real people.

If they were, they would have at least appeared in the said clip and wouldn’t have let a mechanical voice represent them. Users better avoid getting started with this auto-pilot system[2] as the only thing it can achieve for them is losses. There are far better robots available on the Internet.


Final Thoughts

Top10Profits System is an automated trading software which does not have the technical capacity, nor the required programming adjustments executed in order to guarantee safe and secure earnings to its users. It is a likely scam and has connections to deceitful and unregulated Forex broker platforms.

It would also be best if traders turned to a proven to work income-accumulating system – one that has established operational principles and will provide them with better options to achieve success. Top 10 Profits Software does not belong to this category.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Top10Profits to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Top10Profits is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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