One of the latest trading tools available for traders today is The News Spy. According to its developers, the program is capable of identifying the latest news and predicting the direction in which asset prices will move. Based on the information it collects, it gives traders notifications about the best trading opportunities.

So is The News Spy the “game changer” in the online trading arena? Can it really help ordinary traders attain financial success?

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The answer is a big No. This is because The News Spy is a scam and it has nothing to do with trending news. In this review, we have outlined the modus operandi of this corrupt trading system and the reasons why we want it blacklisted and removed from the online trading scene.

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The News Spy – An Overview

This online trading system has been created to mislead newcomers. There is nothing genuine about how it works or what it can do for its users. According to various claims, The News Spy is a technologically advanced trading system that is capable of allowing its users to trade like professionals right from the first day. The software is designed to scan the news sources and pick up the most relevant news articles. The team of trading experts at The News Spy analyse the news articles, rank them and come up with a predicted trend. After this, they send alerts to traders which give them information about when it is the right time to make investments.

All these things about this new creation certainly sound convincing, but they are not correct. The News Spy doesn’t have such capabilities. The software lacks innovative features and so far it has not even managed to change the life of one person. It has done more damages and this is the reason it is not a good idea to sign up for it.


Then, How Does It Work?

If you have traded before, you would have come across schemes where you can utilize a trading tool absolutely free of cost provided that you register with a broker they assign to you. The News Spy works in the same way. But in this case, instead of promoting an algorithmic trading system, they are promoting a tool that generates signals based on trending news.

If you sign up for the software, you will have to register with a broker they designate. Sadly, the brokers connected with The News Spy are not legit and since they are unregulated, you will be taking a big risk by joining them.

The intention of the people operating behind The News Spy as well as the broker are so dirty that once you deposit funds with them, they will trick you into making losing trades and transfer your investment funds into their accounts. Their only purpose is to steal your funds.

Good to Know:

An evaluation of The News Spy website reveals that it was created in March, 2018. While referrals are the main source of traffic they get, they also manage to pull visitors from email based sources suggesting that these crooks are spamming people with unsolicited emails as well.

The News Spy: Scam Factors Revealed

Their phony user testimonials serve as evidence that these people are running a scam. If they were genuine, they wouldn’t find it necessary to hire paid actors for the task. Those smiling faces belong to actors that can be found on sites like Fiverr. Well, it only takes a few bucks to make them read the script you have prepared.

Another thing is that their claims and promises don’t make sense. Attaining financial freedom via trading is tough and not as easy as these people make it look like. Earning $1500 a day is ridiculous and such guarantees can only be given by crooks and thieves. They make such promises to win your trust and make you sign up with them.

The News Spy is not a free software. The broker you are assigned will demand for a deposit of $250. Sadly, you will lose this amount in bad trades and you will have no chance of retrieving anything back once it is gone.

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Since these people run an illegal investment service, you will have nowhere to go if you want to make a complaint. They will close shop overnight and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Lastly, even landing on their website made us shiver because there are no security measures in place. Their website lacks encryption technology which proves that they are not concerned about the safety of their users or visitors.

Final Words

We are not going to recommend The News Spy at all because of the scamming elements that we have uncovered. The software is designed to steal your investment capital and offer you nothing in return.

We urge everyone to stay away from it because we know for a fact that if they are successful in scamming one, they will attempt to scam others. So avoiding them is the best thing we can do to put a halt to their illegal operation.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on The News Spy to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if The News Spy is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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