The TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is a new Forex trading system that claims to be a revolution in the financial trading industry. TAI which stands for Trading Artificial Intelligence is all about technology and generating substantial profits. The software has been released with a lot of promises and claims to change the Forex trading world altogether.

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The moment this software was launched on the market, we had no idea whether it will stand up to its promise or not. Although we are certain that TAI Robotic Trend Indicator has a different approach to trading, we don’t know whether it has the potential to help traders attain financial success or not. This is the reason we conducted a massive research and have compiled a review on this software.

So if you have also been thinking whether TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is legit or not, read this complete review.

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What is TAI Robotic Trend Indicator?

As claimed by Alex Knecht, the creator of the software, TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is an artificial intelligence based software that can be used to yield substantial profits from Forex investments. If you take a look at the sales page, you will see claims of traders earning over $1300 within just the past 12 hours of trading.

From our experience, we can say that it is not possible for TAI Robotic Trend Indicator to generate such income within such short period of time. The claims, promises and results on their sales page look more like a marketing tool to make the software appear more profitable and efficient than it actually is. The software was launched quite recently and it is not possible for it to have so many members making thousands of dollars every day.


When taking a look at the sales video, we noticed the presenter trying to make connections between this software and artificial intelligence. They have spoken a lot of words in an attempt to conceive people that the software has connections with artificial intelligence but the fact is that they have failed to explain anything properly. The statements are rather misleading and we don’t see any logical explanation or reasoning behind how AI is driving TAI Robotic Trend Indicator.

Interesting Fact:

Artificial Intelligence is widely used by social media companies today. Twitter and Facebook use artificial intelligence to match content relevant to its audience on their sites. In fact, Google is one of the first companies to use artificial intelligence to provide people answers to their questions and direct them to websites from where they can get what they are looking for.

How Does TAI Robotic Trend Indicator Work?

Alex Knecht claims to be a software programmer who designs self-driving cars on the basis of Artificial Intelligence. He claims to be highly knowledgeable in the AI field and when he realized that AI could be used in Forex trading to get optimum results, he designed a software and named it TAI Robotic Trend Indicator.

But, it is quite hard to believe his story because there is no proof that Artificial Intelligence can actually be valuable in the Forex trading industry. AI has been used in apps and in the development of self-driving cars, but these are two different things. If it was really possible for robots to take over human intelligence, then everyone on this earth would be jobless. There would be no need for humans to work. While AI is important in certain areas, he doesn’t work in all cases.

We don’t believe that Forex trading has connections with AI. If it really did and if Alex really designed a program that was based on AI, then we would have found real results and evidence. Unfortunately, neither Alex has provided evidence of it working, nor we found any proof.

Is TAI Robotic Trend Indicator A Scam?

We find it hard to trust this software and the words of its creators. We don’t have any evidence that this software actually works as claimed. We have come across many lies and one of the most disturbing facts that we have uncovered is that the presenter and the creator are both hired actors. There are many other videos for scam systems for which they have played a role.

The results and testimonials presented on their webpage are also fabricated. If the software was really profitable, news portals and media channels would have announced it as a great source of earning revenue for traders. But this product is only endorsed by internet marketers.

We don’t have any reason to believe that TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is a legit software. It is most likely a scam.

Final Words

TAI Robotic Trend Indicator involves a lot of lies and deception and it is quite evident that it is a lousy scam. The software does not present viable investment opportunities and traders are more likely to lose their money if they choose to use it. Traders must be extremely careful when choosing auto trading robots and signal service providers.

As far as TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is concerned, traders must simply stay clear of it.



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