Developed by Doug Price, Swing Trader Pro is a manual financial trading system. According to various claims we have come across, it is an easy to use tool and it only requires you to invest a few minutes a day to achieve massive success and wealth.

Over the past couple of years, numerous trading systems have been released. Some are designed by successful traders and provide the best assistance that is needed to execute profitable trades and some are entirely bogus created for the purpose of robbing innocent traders.

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So what about Swing Trader Pro? Is this trading tool capable of helping investors achieve their financial goals?

Our investigation is now complete and based on what we have found, Swing Trader Pro is a bad trading system. It lacks special features, transparency and the overall reviews coming from the trading community are largely negative as well.

You will find more information about our findings in this review. So read on and know all that you need to about Swing Trader Pro.

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What is Swing Trader Pro?

This financial trading software entered the market some time ago. Allegedly, it has been developed by a trading expert called Doug Price. This guy has been behind the creation of numerous trading tools. But unfortunately, many of his programs failed to deliver on its promise.

Traders were promised many things, but none of them were fulfilled. Swing Trader Pro claims to double your investment which means that within just a few months, you can expect to have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in your account. Sadly, there is no evidence available to support these claims.

You can get access to the software after making a one-time payment of $495. But before that, you can test drive it for 5 days at a cost of $7. So basically, unlike other tools which are floating around for free, this one actually requires you to make a payment to use it.

We don’t think it is viable to spend on this trading system because so far, we haven’t seen any proof of it working to meet the trading needs of online investors.


How Does Swing Trader Pro Work?

Swing Trader Pro claims to deliver the best signals you can use to execute winning trades. On their website, you will find a video with a bunch of screenshots from MyFXBook accounts. With most scams, you don’t get to access the real account, but with Swing Trader Pro, you are taken to the real account so you can view live trading results.

We must say that the results are quite impressive. In fact, it is something that you may not have seen in your life before. The results will leave you sitting and wondering how is it possible for a trading system to perform with such efficiency and precision. It does all the work by itself. It carries out market analysis and gives you signals which lead to profitable trades. The fact that the results are coming from MyFXBook means that they are verified, right?

Yes, they are, but don’t forget that not everything that we see is true. The people operating Swing Trader Pro are very clever. They are partnered with a shady broker who have allowed Doug Price to generate that kind of returns for the purpose of scamming others. He and the broker are working together and not against each other to generate those results.

However, when you work with a broker, you will have to deal against them and even if you manage to earn something, they will never let you withdraw your funds.

So don’t be fooled by the verified results that you are seeing. These thieves are extremely clever and they can go to any lengths to get their hands on your hard earned investment funds.

Does The Software Work Or Is It A Scam?

We are quite certain that Swing Trader Pro is a pathetic scam. If you look at the history of Doug Price, you will notice that he is behind the creation of numerous scam trading tools. His tools never work, but the kind of claims and promises he makes always leave innocent traders victimized.

You will find several complaints about him. There are so many negative comments and feedback posted about his trading systems. It appears that the only positive comments are coming from the affiliate marketers who pose as traders to market this program.

If a trading software that could double your investment really existed, it wouldn’t cost just $7 for 5 days. First of all, no one would bother selling that kind of system. They would rather keep it and double their investment every day and earn thousands of dollars instead of just a few.


Doug Price and his Swing Trader Pro are full of lies. This software certainly doesn’t have the potential to predict market movements and enable traders to earn substantial returns. It is a bogus program that is designed for the sole purpose of stealing your funds. So our only advice for you is to stay away from it.



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