Success Circle is a Forex software which was established and founded by a group of supposedly well-educated and prominent Wall Street investors. Their combined trading experience allegedly exceeds 50 years. This system supposedly utilizes an extremely sophisticated programming algorithm which was developed by the team according to the principles of Warren Buffett and others like George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, and John Paulson.

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Even though this Forex automated solution’s founders state that it operates according to a complex investment principle, in reality, it is just an Algo-trading robot. Our inquiry did not manage to establish anything particularly unique about it.

Success Circle System allegedly has a success rate of 90% but if it really did there would not be such an abundance of negative feedback about it present on the Internet. Users have not been satisfied at all with the way the auto-pilot system works.

Since it is most likely part of a dubious scam, our best advice to traders would be to OR Pick a Reliable Software from the table that follows below.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free-Of-Change Software
  • Software: Auto-Pilot Softwaree
  • Max Returns: 90%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Based on a Simple Principle


  • Founding Team Is Non-Existent
  • Over-Exaggerated Success Rate
  • Devious Platform Connections
  • Users Not Satisfied
  • High-Risk Software

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Not Reliable Service

What is SuccessCircle System System?

The anonymous presenter that appears in the promotional video claims that the Internet investment system can achieve unprecedented profitability to online users, but this is highly unlikely. Most people who have opened a trading account with The Success Circle System state that they have barely managed to earn enough to cover their initial deposits.

Not only this, but the founding team are not actual people that have vast investment experience of over 50 years. There is absolutely no other data available about them on the Internet. The person we see in the promotional video is just the regular paid actor who was hired for marketing purposes.


We suggest that anyone who was considering to get started with Secret Success Circle Software turn to a proven to be reliable and legit income-generating solution like FinTech Limited. Its creator Daniel Roberts not only exists in real life but is a prominent persona in the investment sphere. His Forex software features multiple trading tools and allows users to customize their settings completely.

Interesting Fact:

Some Forex systems are not founded by one person, but by a group of investors. Their combined experience can make up for a truly outstanding software which is highly sophisticated in nature. Unfortunately, this is not true about TheSuccessCircle System. Apart from being based on Warren Buffett’s three principles of success – Knowledge, Systematic Method and Persistence, there is nothing particularly impressive about it.

How Does TheSuccessCircle Software Actually Operate?

Even though the presenter claims that this Forex system operates applying sophisticated trading principles, mainly Warren Buffett’s recipe for systematic financial success[1], the bare truth is actually much different. It has the most basic Algo-trading algorithm and there is nothing special about it.

The trading platform that SecretSuccessCircle Software utilizes is constantly on and off again and it is not uncommon for users to lose investments because of this. It is best to avoid depositing any kind of funds with this Forex scam software.

Is SecretSuccessCircle System a Scam or Legit?

All available concrete evidence suggests that TheSecretCircle robot is not a trustworthy Forex trading software. The fact is that it is most likely part of an online group of scammers whose only purpose is to get access’ to people’s personal funds and then disappear.

Users must better avoid signing up with the auto-pilot software[2], even though the procedure is completely free. It also has connections to Forex broker who have not received their CySEC certificate yet.

Anonymous presenter states that it double-checks and carries out covert account openings and withdrawals on each platform it partners with, but this is not true. Trading with SecretSuccessCircle Software bears and imposes many risks to all investments made by users.

Final Thoughts

Secret Success Circle System is a Forex robot which is proven to be devious and a likely sham. It is best to turn to a proven to work income-generating solution. The present one does not operate according to any SSL standards and investing with it could impose a risk on your private earnings and data. We managed to determine that TheSuccessCircle Software has ties to Forex broker platforms that are not subject to authorized regulation and supervision.



I am David Raines, a Forex trader with years of experience in online trading. I write reviews of Forex Brokers, Auto Trading Software and Signals Providers.

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