Step To Wealth is a new Forex software. It has been created by someone called Richard Williams who claims that the software has the potential to generate over $10,000 every day.

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The promotional video as well as the information on their website contains huge claims and big promises. We have never come across a software that can guarantee a minimum of $10k in profits on a daily basis. This is what prompted us to conduct a full investigation and find out the facts about Step to Wealth.

Based on the information we gathered, Step 2 Wealth is another dubious software that is filled with empty promises only. There is nothing genuine about it and traders should not expect much from it. In fact, it is advised that traders must Proceed to Safe Robot or look for a better alternative.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free
  • Software: Auto Pilot
  • Max Returns: Low
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Performs Automated Trades


  • Connections With Shady Brokers
  • Special Features are Missing
  • Signals are Not Accurate
  • Software Performs Poorly
  • User Feedback is Negative

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

What Is Step to Wealth?

According to the Richard Williams, Step 2 Wealth has been created to make the entire trading process easy and convenient. Most importantly, it can deliver the best trading results and maximum profits for its users. But our research shows that Step to Wealth is not a profit-amplifying solution. While the software is capable of generating signals and placing trades on behalf of its users, it has nothing to do with making a trader successful. The signals have been found to be highly reliable.

step to wealth

To get access to the software, traders have to enter their name and email address. Once done, they have to sign up with the broker that is assigned to them and add funds. The minimum required by these brokers is $250. The problem with depositing money is that the brokers are not licensed or trustworthy and we know from experience how risky it is to invest with an unlicensed broker.

Overall, we did not find the Step to Wealth software to be what it is. It simply looks like a software that generates numbers on a random basis making traders believe that it is generating reliable signals.

How Does Step To Wealth Operate?

The operational mechanism of the software is the same as many others which are already floating on the market. We have seen many versions of the same software released under different names in the past. Step to Wealth is nothing different and it doesn’t even have special features to boost earnings on trades.


The creators of Step to Wealth claim that it generates winning signals all the time. Since the software is automated it uses the signals and executes trades that results in winnings and hence profits for its users. But this is not true. The software generates signals which are highly unreliable. The accuracy ratio of the signals is much lower than that they have advertised. The trading app doesn’t even give traders any control over the trading process. Traders cannot even control how much they are losing and this is the reason their accounts are getting wiped off fairly quickly.

From how the trading app works, it looks like that the only people making profits are the creators, the affiliate marketers and the brokers who are associated with the service.

Is Step To Wealth A Profitable Software or a Lousy Scam?

We really feel that Step to Wealth is a lousy scam for a number of reasons. First and the foremost thing is the promotional tactics used by the creators. If you land on their website, you will see a countdown timer that shows the number of spots that are left. When we visited the website, the number of remaining spots were 3 which according to them means that access to the software will be granted to the next 3 people only. However, we managed to register fake accounts using fake email addresses multiple times.

In our experience, the spots are not limited and the countdown timer is fake. It’s just a pressure tactic used to rush traders into signing up for this lousy scam. Additionally, the software has not been approved by any independent party or review website. There is no evidence that the results shown on the website is genuine.

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What raised our suspicion further was that no company information has been provided on their website. Every legitimate company will provide their contact information, physical addresses, phone numbers, customer support numbers and emails on their website. This is not the case with Step to Wealth. The company’s background information and how the software was developed is not mentioned anywhere. It is very strange, but then we know that this is a sign of being a scam and where there is a scam, there is evidence. We have enough evidence to prove that Step to Wealth is not a legitimate solution.

Our Verdict

Based on the findings of our research, Step to Wealth is associated with scam services and traders may end up losing their investment if they choose to trade using this system. So, for the protection of your funds, say no to this dubious software. There are better alternatives available and so it is always recommended that you choose a proven system for your Forex trading needs.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Step 2 Wealth to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Step 2 Wealth is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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