Signal Samurai is a Forex robot which was established by supposedly lifelong trader Kinjo Oda with the purpose of providing people with equal opportunities to achieve lasting success in the financial markets.

While this information might sound promising at first, there is no verifiable proof that it is true. Mr. Oda allegedly has a professional background on the Tokyo Stock Exchange but when we tried to confirm this the results came back fruitless.

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User feedback suggests that there is something quite dubious about the signals providing software. It has no given success rate and even though it is new, the ones that have tested it confirm that not everything about its operational process functions properly.

Since there is a very high likelihood of it being a scam, we suggest that users turn to a proven to work Forex system. Thy can also Proceed to Safe Robot   OR Pick a Trusted Software from the following table.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free Registration
  • Software: Signals-Providing System
  • Max Returns: 75%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Based on the Samurai Code


  • Algorithm Not Authentic
  • Winning Ratio Not Sufficient
  • Dubious Software Connections
  • Dissatisfied User Testimonials
  • Inaccurate Signals Provision

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

What is Signal Samurai System?

SignalSamurai Software was allegedly established by Kinjo Oda with the purpose of ensuring that beginner and sophisticated investors are provided with equal chances of trading and obtaining continuing success on the financial markets. The Forex investment instrument, however, does not have an advertising clip and there is no explanation as to how exactly does it function other than the fact that it is based on the Bushido Code.

Existing user feedback suggests that it can not predict big and small market movements in an accurate and meticulous manner. Most of the traders that have tested SignalSamurai System state that it does not operate properly and the signals it issues are generally inaccurate.


It is best for one to opt for a proven to be legit Forex software like HBSwiss. The said has an estimated success rate of 97% and has managed to establish a following of satisfied traders that can confirm that it has the capacity to achieve lasting prosperity.

How Does SignalSamurai System Operate?

During the investigation for this Forex software review, we were able to determine that SignalSamurai Software supposedly operates according to the Bushido Code. Kinjo Oda sought to design it so that it can accurately forecast the so-called ‘demand and supply[1] ratios.

Signal Samurai System also allegedly allows users to apply three separate strategies which have to be unique to the signals generating robot. They are called Koudo and Ankyo. Our research determined that they are no other than the Fibonacci and Martingale MMS[2].

Which makes the Forex system just a basic Algo-trading one. There is nothing unique or special about the way it functions.

Interesting Fact:

The Martingale MMS involves a high level of risk and can only be successfully applied by educated traders with lots of experience. Fibonacci, on the other hand, can successfully predict market movements but requires lots of preliminary analysis.

Is Signal Samurai System a Scam or Genuine?

All information about this signals-providing software suggests that there is something quite dubious about it. It does not have an estimated winning ratio and a conducted investigation into alleged creator Kinjo Oda goes on to prove that he is not a well-experienced investor from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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Such a person does not exist in real life. Signal Samurai Software also operates according to quite the basic type of algorithm and can not provide users with the promised lasting success and prosperity. It is most likely a scam.

Final Thoughts

Signal Samurai System does feature an interesting concept but in reality is nothing more than a scam. Users who proceed to complete its free sign up procedure will most likely achieve only losses. It is best for people to get started with a truly legit and genuine piece of automated trading software. The signals generated by this auto-pilot robot are not accurate.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Signal Samurai to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Signal Samurai is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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