Sapphire-M System was allegedly founded by brother and sister Lisa and Jason Stephens. The risk-free trading software relies on crude oil options in order to draw in customers and on a specific kind of algorithm in order to generate favorable daily profits.

Users should keep in mind that as promising as this information may appear to be, it is actually completely fabricated. The picture of Jason and Lisa Stephens that appears on the official website is taken from an online dating site, meaning that actual creators have stolen personal information.

Sapphire M System does not let give in an expected success rate but existing user testimonials suggest that it does not specialize solely in crude oil investments. It features assets from all four main categories.

Since there are many dubious factors about this auto-pilot software, we advise investors to regard it as a likely scam and OR Pick a Truly Authentic from the table displayed below.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: 1,000 Allegedly Free Spots
  • Software: Crude Oil Investment Software
  • Max Returns: 90%
  • Min Deposit: $500


  • Intuitive Members Area


  • Stolen Personal Images
  • Not Focused Only On Crude Oil
  • Not Actually Limited Free Spots
  • Not Capable of Finding Good Market Entries
  • Not Protected by Ultimate Tools

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Not Reliable Service

What is Sapphire M System?

Lisa and Jason Stephens are an alleged brother and sister who designed and established the automated trading software. He is a software developer and she is a professional investor who has focused on crude oil futures.

All of this information is not actually genuine as the income-generating solution allows one to trade using assets from all four categories and the picture that is supposed to represent the family is actually taken from an online dating site.

saphirem website

This is why our team has serious doubts concerning the fact that SapphireM System is most likely a devious scam. It is best for users to choose a more reliable virtual investment robot like HBSwiss in order to achieve successful daily results. It is based on the revolutionary Swiss Trading Technology and its sign up is free.

Interesting Fact:

Trading with crude oil options[1] can be extremely financially beneficial. Its price is subject to certain fluctuations but has remained stable over the course of the last couple of years. The negative side is that if a Forex system allows one to invest only with one asset type, this would not suggest a wide variety of trading opportunities.

How Does SapphireM System Operate?

According to information presented in the promotional video of SapphireM Software and made available on its official website, the robot’s programming algorithm constantly analyzes oil price movements, filtering the so-called ‘market noise[2], and suggest good entry opportunities to users.

Jason and Lisa Stephens do not present a reliable success rate in order to reassure users in the auto-pilot system’s capacity to generate steady and consistent returns. If one looks very hard, then he will come across a small text on the landing page which states that the winning ratio varies between 80% and 90%. Which can be categorized as highly unreliable.


Since most of the data on Sapphire – M System is not authentic, we advise traders to not take any of it for granted and regard the income-generating robot as a possible scam.

Is Sapphire M Software Fraudulent or Genuine?

The facts that we were able to determine with absolute certainty about Sapphire M robot make us believe that it is a devious profit-amplifying solution which seeks only to take users’ deposits and then disappear into thin air.

It also has one of the highest fees in order to open a demo account with the Forex brokers it operates with – $500. There are only individually managed accounts and the possibility to trade with a demo one is probably the software’s most positive characteristic.

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Due to the fact that Sapphire-M Software does not have a concretely established winning ratio, it is best for online traders to avoid it and register for free with a truly genuine auto-pilot system. While not many, there are far better available on the Internet.

Final Thoughts

Sapphire M System is an auto-pilot software that was founded by a group of online scammers. During the investigation for this review, we came across many uncertainties and consider the robot to be an exemplary scam. Anyone who wishes to get started with it should keep in mind that the fees it requires are way too high. The number of free daily spots is also not limited to 1,000 as is claimed on the official website.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on SapphireM to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if SapphireM is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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1. Influence of brine composition and fines migration on crude oil/brine/rock interactions and oil recovery – (Guo-Qing Tang & Norman R Morrow, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering,

Volume 24, Issues 2–4, December 1999, pp. 99–111);

2. How Often to Sample a Continuous-Time Process in the Presence of Market Microstructure Noise – (Yacine Aït-Sahalia, Per A. Mykland & Lan Zhang, The Review of Financial Studies, Volume 18, Issue 2, Summer 2005);