Regal Wealth is a new software offering innovative ways of controlling your Forex investments. But does Regal Wealth really give you the best trading possibilities or it is just another Forex scam?

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There was not enough information to make an informed decision about this system in order to rate them as a scam or a legit one.

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Does Regal Wealth Provide Profitable Results?

Income-generating solution means that a product or service provides its clients with the possibility to earn profits without having to work all day long or to invest too much time in something. That is why, such platforms are enjoying great interest from everyday people who are willing to improve their social status and lifestyle.

In the field of online trading Forex, the variety of auto-trading robots is significant. Each day after another brand new software emerges on the market, promising only profitable trading process. In this review such a pretender is going to be investigated – the Regal Wealth, developed by Michael King.

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The Regal Wealth Overview

Regal Wealth is a new Forex trading system telling traders they can generate more than $10,000 per day. According to the landing page of the robot, there are 50 free member spots available. These places are offering traders the opportunity to become extremely successful and wealthy. The system is being presented to the viewers by Michael King – the CEO and founder, and Dominic Ward – one of the first beta-testers. They both explain the advantages of the auto-trading solution, by giving examples with images of their supposedly bank accounts.

Is Regal Wealth Scam or Legit Software?

Mr. King tells users that he is the founder and CEO of the Regal Wealth trading group. In addition, Michael seems to be a former Wall Street trader with more than 20 years of experience. Despite the fact there is no information about this service, nor of Michael himself, he claims that for the past 7 years he has been conducting successful trading business with very propertied people. In addition, he gives people personal guarantee that each one of the new 50 members will earn at least $10,000 per day.

However, there are so many of these products promising that they’ve accomplished great results but one quick and accurate online check shows that there is nothing to support Mr. King’s story. If he has actually been helping people become more successful, there would be something written about him or his company. In the end, we cannot claim for sure that Regal Wealth is scam, but we wouldn’t recommend it to any of our readers.

How Does Regal Wealth Work?

There is almost no information provided on how exactly the auto-trading system performs financial operations. It is said that the software works fully on auto-pilot, by placing trades on the behalf of users, but that is it. No algorithm explanations, nor market data analyzes support the theory of this software’s profitable performance. There are only strong statements for enormous income, that is estimated to over 2 million dollars per year or $50000 per week. In fact, many people confirm this information, but they fail to prove their own words, too.


How Much Does Regal Wealth Cost?

The access to the Forex trading system is free but limited to only 50 new members. Still, there is no information what happens after these spots are filled in. Then, an initial deposit of at least $250 should be invested so that the trading process to start. Besides that, there are no signs of any hidden costs or additional taxes.

Final Words

After the investigation on Regal Wealth’s legitimacy, we are suggesting that all online traders should continue their search for reliable income-increasing solution. The results this Forex trading robot showed, are not satisfying and they are the reason we find it not authentic and legit enough.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Regal Wealth to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Regal Wealth is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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