Created by Jason Clark, RefFeed is an automated trading system that harnesses that power of social media to generate trading signals. The software is being heavily promoted online and there are many traders who have already signed up for it.

According to the developer, the software can generate massive profits for its users and since it has a high accuracy ratio of 87%, there is minimum risk associated with using it to auto trade stocks.

In addition, Jason Clark has also claimed that he will be giving $250 for free for traders to use and profit from. From his claims, we can understand that traders don’t have to invest anything from their own pockets in order to see considerable profits accumulating in their trading accounts. But don’t these claims sound too good to be true?

We recently conducted an investigation to find out if RefFeed is a legit system or not. In this review, we have highlighted our findings and given our verdict on the legitimacy of the RefFeed trading system.

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What is RefFeed Trading System?

This is a trading software that is automated and executes all trading tasks on behalf of its users. we have a lot of reasons to confirm that it is not the type of system that they stating on their official webpage. In fact, we have many reasons to believe that it is an unreliable and unsafe trading system.

The software generates signals based on its analysis of social media feeds. It places trades on behalf of traders when it is set up on auto pilot mode. The accuracy of the signals are however extremely poor. Instead of producing winning results, it mainly leads to loss of investment.

Interesting Fact:

A number of social media analytics and firms make use of data analysis technology to study Twitter feeds to produce alerts and signals that could be useful when executing financial trades. even twitter messages are often always used by analysts as part of their data delivery service. Most of the tweets that are harvested for data analysis come from regulators and analysts at Wall Street, government agencies and economists. The recipient list includes hedge fund managers, traders and stockbrokers.

What Is The Operational Process of RefFeed Trading System?

We don’t have details about how RefFeed actually works. The developer of the system hasn’t provided much information about its operational processes. It is only mentioned that the software makes use of feed collected from social media to make predictions about the movement of stock prices. Other than this, nothing is clear about how RefFeed works.

Traders are made to believe that RefFeed is an automated system and they can depend on it entirely. But we don’t think that traders should rely on a system where the algorithms it works or the computer codes that it utilizes are unknown. The software should definitely not be left to operate on its own without supervision.

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The performance of the RefFeed software is quite bad and it is also confirmed that the signals it generates are unreliable and inaccurate.

Is RefFeed A Legit Option Or Scam Software?

According to Jason Clark, traders will get $250 free to get started with this software. but traders will not qualify for this bonus unless they invite ten of their friends to sign up for this bogus software. So in a way, traders who can’t invite ten or more people will have to deposit $250 from their own pocket to get started and those who are able to invite their friends will actually be providing these sharks with more preys.

A demo trading feature is also offered which works exceptionally well in the virtual trading environment. However, when traders enter real trading conditions, the results and earnings drop significantly. In fact, making even one successful trade becomes tough.

Another deception that we stumbled upon are the testimonials on their website. Allegedly, traders have earned huge profits within very short periods of time with this software. But during our investigation, we did not find any real person who has actually made any profits, whether big or small with RefFeed. So this boils down to the fact that the testimonials have been done by fake traders.

The CEO and so-called developer of the software is also fake because there is no information about him on the internet. Jason Clark is just a fictitious character who gets paid to play these kinds of roles for scam services.


The people behind this scam have used dirty tricks to entice unsuspecting traders. those who have fallen victim to it have lost their investment funds really fast.

Our Verdict

RefFeed is not a good trading solution that traders should consider investing in. This trading software is a scam and therefore we advise traders to stay away from it.

Our investigation shows that this scam has been going around for quite some time now and under different names to trap as many traders as possible. But we hope that our honest and detailed review about RefFeed will help traders make the right trading choices.

There are better alternatives available on the market today and choosing one of those approved systems will certainly help traders earn a decent online income.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on RefFeed to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if RefFeed is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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