Public Millionaire App is a new system designed to trade Forex online. It is developed and owned by Pat Burrows. He is also the main presenter of the software and claims that his product is able to make real, everyday people more successful and profitable by providing them with stable income on regular basis. This sounds really promising and interesting but it doesn’t mean that it is true. Everyone knows that great part of the available automated trading platforms are just scams.

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We therefore decided to conduct our usual scam investigation. Our purpose was to collect and analyze as much data as possible to find out on whether the Public Millionaire robot is reliable or not. As we couldn’t find enough info to persuade us in the authenticity of the product, we advise users to  and stay away from it.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: At Least $250
  • Software: Automated System
  • Max Returns: $3,000 per day
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Browser-Based Interface


  • Fake Creator
  • Unrealistic Success Rate
  • Negative User Feedback

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Not Reliable Service

What is PublicMillionaire App?

If you visit the official website of the newly released Forex auto-trading system Public Millionaire, you will hear that according to its creator, Pat Burrows, it is able to predict assets price directions just seconds before the market makes a correction. As a result, all the members of the software should be able to accumulate satisfying profits thanks to the time advantage they are supposed to gain. However, we couldn’t understand how exactly the system is supposed to beat the time and benefit from the market movements. There is no information regarding the implemented algorithm. So, there is a high chance for this program to be just a bogus product that can’t actually offer anything to online investors.


How to Start with Public Millionaire Software?

There are several steps people must complete to claim access to the software. They have to fill in the web-form by providing some personal information. Then, they will be required to get assigned to a broker. For this step, investors will need to invest initial deposit. It should be at least $250. Finally, they can start using Public Millionaire App. It is said that the access to the system is free for the first 6 months. There are, however, just 40 free spots per day. The most interesting part is that there is no info on how much the software will cost once the 6 months period expires. In our opinion, this is another red flag related to the authenticity of the program.

Public Millionaire – Is It a Scam?

As we have already mentioned, the provided information related to the performance and algorithms of the Public Millionaire App is really insufficient. This is not a good sign when it comes to an online trading platform. Also, our research shows that there is no real man called Pat Burrows and creator of a robot designed for online investing. Not to mention the fact that all the feedback we gathered from the Internet space was negative.

Based on all this, we suggest that everyone should avoid dealing with Public Millionaire system as it is a scam. In case you really want to work with a legit and proven to work software, consider joining HBSwiss. It is professional and highly successful.

Final Words

These days, it is a tendency for the new Forex trading systems on the market to prove themselves as scams. Sadly, the newly released Public Millionaire App is another fake and fraudulent software that fails to deliver good results to its members. On the contrary, if you invest yous savings in this system, you will lose them for good. So, stay away from frauds like this and trade only with proven to work platforms.



I am David Raines, a Forex trader with years of experience in online trading. I write reviews of Forex Brokers, Auto Trading Software and Signals Providers.

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