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Profits Everyday is a new trading system that promises to assist traders with all of their trading tasks. It claims to be powerful and provide excellent support to all those who make use of it.

But this trading tool is not well-known among online investors. If it was truly efficient, we would have come across honest reviews and feedback. Since the trading system’s genuineness cannot be established based on the information we found online, we were compelled to do our own investigation.

We have shared details of our research in this comprehensive review. Continue reading to learn more about Profits Everyday. As of now, we would advise our regular readers not to sign up for the software but to . Read on to learn more.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: $44.40
  • Software: Crypto Platform
  • Max Returns: No Data
  • Min Deposit: No Data


  • Easy Sign up Process


  • Fake Creator
  • Poor Results
  • Negative Feedback

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Not Reliable Service

Taking A Glance at Profits Everyday

There are many traders who try to grab the first opportunity that comes their way with the word ‘trading assistance’ in it. Yes, there are many tools and solutions that offer the kind of assistance that traders need during the investment process. These tools help traders make better and wiser decisions about when it is the right time to open and close trade positions.

But Profits Everyday is not the software that can be trusted. There are a number of lies that have been propagated so that those people can cut into the pockets of new and unsuspecting traders. It is easy for traders to be tempted by the promises of guaranteed daily returns, but the truth is that Profits Everyday doesn’t have such capacity.

This trading system does not assist traders in any way. In fact, it steals their investment capital from them and leaves them heartbroken.

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How Does The System Work?

If we go by the claims that Richard Banks has been making in the promo video, then Profits Everyday is an easy to use system that provides quality assistance. He says that he has managed to earn significantly from the system and now he plans to give a certain number of people the chance to do the same.

One thing that’s really hilarious about the video is that Banks is actually going out himself to tell people about his software. Although the other person in the video is his partner who is acting like a random stranger on the street, it appears that Banks is persuading him to register. If the software truly worked as he has claimed, he wouldn’t be running after people and trying to convince them to sign up. Instead, people would be running to him for an opportunity.

The truth about how the trading system works is that it only seeks depositors for the broker it is affiliated with. When the broker gets a referral, the people operating behind the software get a commission. The software doesn’t provide trading assistance that can be useful for traders. On the pretext of assisting its users, it makes them lose their funds quickly.


Profits Everyday is not a free trading tool. Before you can even start using its services, you have to add a minimum of $250 into your trading account. this amount is way too much for a trashy piece of software that has nothing good to offer.

Reasons Why Profits Everyday is a Scam

The good looking and very confident guy that can be seen in the promo video is introduced as Richard Banks. He says that he is the CEO of Profits Everyday and he has the power to choose a handful of ordinary people to try out his trading tool and earn just like he did.

Richard Banks is the same person who introduced a couple of other bogus trading systems in the past. None of the tools he promoted ever worked and no one ever managed to attain any sort of financial freedom or independence by following his advice. It is quite clear that this guy is a paid actor. He is good at acting and with his expressions, he can certainly make people believe in his lies. But honestly, he has nothing to do with Profits Everyday.


The social media posts on their website are fabricated. The profiles that can be seen on their homepage are fake and their comments don’t reflect the truth in any way. If you look closely, you will notice that there are no ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ on their posts which confirms that those are fake accounts.

Moving further, the software has shady connections. Traders won’t know which broker they will be signing up with until they complete registration for the trading system. The brokers affiliated with the software are confirmed to be notorious.

The Bottom Line

Most of the trading systems surfacing these days are bogus and Profits Everyday is an example of a scam software. It makes its users deal with unregulated and unreliable brokers. Basically, after traders have put in their funds, there is no chance to retrieve the amount. Neither the trading system nor the broker leave any scope for traders to question them.

Put simply, Profits Everyday is not the investment solution that can be trusted. Traders will be much better off without it.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Profits Every Day to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Profits Every Day is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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