Profit4Patriots is a new software offering innovative ways of controlling your Forex investments. But does Profit4Patriots really give you the best trading possibilities or it is just another Forex scam?

There was not enough information to make an informed decision about this system in order to rate them as a scam or a legit one.

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Profit 4 Patriots Full Software Review

Forex investment systems rely on different strategies and numerous ways of approaching people in order to attract more customers. Some even focus exclusively on a recent political, cultural or economic event that might have an effect on the market and the direction of an underlying asset’s price in order to appear more legit. While we can not discard and anathematize every robot that does so as a scam, there are many dubious online solutions which claim to amplify people’s profits when the reality is exactly the opposite.

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Profit 4 Patriots is a new Forex automated robot the inspiration for which came from the world’s collapsing economy whose creator is Mr. Douglas Ward. Its promotional video goes on and on about the Global Recession that the world had to endure nearly a decade ago. But is there truth in the promise for success or is this profit amplifying solution just your everyday scam? Read the following review in order to find out.

P4P System – Is it Legit or a Proven Forex Scam?

Based on all the available facts about this Forex trading robot we were able to come across, we can not recommend it for a safe and secure investment process. One of the main reasons for this is that even though the promotional video is beautifully shot, the man who claims to be creator Douglas Ward is not an actual and legit person. Not only that, such a person does not actually exist in real life. Or at least this is what our findings suggest.

P4P System has an average estimated success rate of 76% and guarantees a supposed 350% monthly income. How the Forex automated system manages to generate such high profits with such a low inning ratio remains a complete mystery.


Profit4Patriots Software – How Does it Actually Operate?

Creator Mr. Douglas Ward states that when Forex first emerged on the online market in the now distant 2008 they were solely focused on the buying and selling of currencies. This is why, he still prefers to trade such pair and why Profit4Patriots Software provides only them. This, however, is not exactly true, as the virtual brokerage platforms that the robots works with provide assets from all 4 main categories. There is a great chance that out of the 15 signals the system delivers per day some might be indices, stocks and commodities.

So, we advise everyone to be quite cautious when proceeding to open an account with Profity4Patriots System – there is a very high likelihood that you might not be getting what you expected.

Did You Know?

Forex did not feature only currencies upon initial appearance as a virtual financial tool. Most of them had only automated mode, but did provide users with the possibility to choose which asset they would like to trade with.

Final Thoughts on Profit4Patriots Software

All in all, this Forex appears to be reliable and trustworthy on the surface, but if users take a more in-depth look into it, they will notice some very devious and scam characteristics. Take for example the falsified persona of Douglas Ward. The actor in the promotional video is quite confident who he is, but he is not an actual man who exists in the real world. The same goes for all the stated facts about the global economic problems and concerns – they are in fact undeniable and substantial, but Profit4Patriots will not help you overcome them. You better turn to a proven to be legit and safe automated robot solution as there are far better on the Internet.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Profit4Patriots to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Profit4Patriots is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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