Pre Paid Profits is a new software offering innovative ways of controlling your Forex investments. But does Pre Paid Profits really give you the best trading possibilities or it is just another Forex scam?

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There was not enough information to make an informed decision about this system in order to rate them as a scam or a legit one.

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Pre-Paid Profits Full System Review

Forex trading robots are usually based on some kind of investment system, often created by their very own founders, or proven strategy. Scam software likes to take advantage of scientific theories very much, claiming to have one implemented into their computer algorithm. No matter what is written on the official website of the profit amplifying solution, one should always try to get access to additional information about it and read reviews about it.


The Forex automated system at hand is called Pre-Paid Profits. No matter how hard we tried to find out who the actual creator is – he remains covered in mystery and anonymity. This is why, in the following review we are going to refer to him as Mr. Anonymous for the lack of a proper name and surname. There is not much data available on the Internet about PPP Software, so the big question that every user is asking is: scam or legit? If you want to learn the answer – read on.

Easy Pre-Paid Profits App – Is it Scam or Realiable?

Unfortunately, the people behind this Forex automated robot refuse to give out any kind of details as to how exactly it operates. The robotic voice that narrates the promotional video states that it has nothing in common with the so-called ‘investment gurus’ who release one dubious system after the other on the web. Mr. Anonymous further states that he will be 100% upfront with users, but this is just a tactic used to make more people sign up with Easy Pre-Paid Profits App.

In reality, he is most likely a voice actor or computer software whose only purpose is to give the Forex auto trading software more credibility. This, along with the promise of a 99% success rate, which is absurd and unrealistic, makes us consider that Pre-Paid Profits System is a scam. More data about it needs to come out in order for us to confirm it, but we advise everyone to turn to a more reliable income generating solution.

Pre-Paid Profits System – How Does it Operate?

Users have to open an account with the Forex trading software and download the app. However, this is not entirely true, as Pre-Paid Profits System is also web-based. The computer algorithm is also supposedly based on a secret method from the financial industry, but we were unable to find on which exactly. So, this is most likely just a fabricated statement. Online investors supposedly enter in a contest against each other and win 99% of the time.

But this can not be true as there would hardly be anyone who has ever profited with it and Pre-Paid Profits Software would not have such a high performance rate.

Keep in Mind:

It is good for Forex trading robots to have a solid investment strategy or method applied into their computer codes. But you should be alert whether such a technique actually exists and is profitable in reality as creator of scam would claim anything in order to make more people open an account with them.

Final Thoughts on Pre-Paid Profits App

While data and evidence on this Forex investment system is still scarce and we are unable to present you with a 100% clear verdict whether it is scam or legit, but the probability of Pre-Paid Profits App being dubious is times more likely to be true. Rather than pay a 1-cent commission to Mr. Anonymous every time you make an imaginary profit that you will never be able to withdraw, you better opt for a proven to be legit and reliable robot that will surely get the job done.



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