Options Income Engine Software is a trade alert system which was designed and established by a man named Bill Poulos. The said claims to be a lifelong investor who has carried out successful financial operations even way before the industry began opening up to the digital world.

Mr. Poulos states that his several decades of experience allowed him to acquire increased market knowledge and understanding. He compiled this information into several education videos that he uses to promote his trading robot.

One of the things which managed to raise our eyebrows while we were investigating the origins of this software is that one must pay quite the hefty price for it – $1,997. The founder initially even wanted to release it in exchange for $3,000.

This is a more than ridiculous monetary sum and our general conclusion would be that the online trading tool is a scam. It is definitely not safe for the carrying out of digitized investments. Users can choose to either OR Choose a Trusted Robot.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: $1,997
  • Software: Signal & Alert Generating Software
  • Max Returns: 60%
  • Min Deposit: By Choice


  • Features Some Solid Options Strategies


  • Winning Ratio is Just 60%
  • Initial Fee is Way Too High
  • No Proof That It Works
  • No Exact Means of Functioning
  • Negative Risk-Reward Ratio

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Not Reliable Service

What is Options Income Engine Software?

Bill Poulman explains in the first video streaming from the official website of the trading robot that it can provide risk-free investment opportunities and solid risk-rewards rates. This claim is not supported by concrete facts. He states that users will get a 5% return on investment (RoI) rate every month with the percentage slowly increasing over time.

This way they can expect a 60% annual RoI. This may sound promising to newcomer users but any experienced investor knows that a legit trading system’s success rate should exceed 80%. People would be making monetary deposits to close to no avail.

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There are way too many dubious factors about this online trading tool. Users better opt for a profit-amplifying solution which truly does have the chance of turning the odds in their direction. One such investment robot would be HBSwiss by Hans Berger. It will introduce you to the world of Swiss Quality Trading.

Interesting Fact:

The main options strategy which is applied by professional users is called a bear call spread and limits the risk while providing a wide number of possibilities to achieve solid profits. It involves the use of a set target price and reduces the cost.

How Does the Online Trading Tool Function?

The founder of this income-generating solution refuses to explain exactly how does it work. We did manage to determine that users are provided with 5 monthly strategy sessions, the price for which is included in the $1,997 fee they pay in order to complete the sign-up of the robot.

Mr. Poulman states that he will ‘turn the scales’ for them but this is not proved by any facts. His Options Income Engine sends daily signals to traders and they can choose whether or not to proceed with the financial operation.

Is This Investment Robot a Scam or Legit?

Apart from presenting access to specific trading strategies and market forecasting tools, this investment alert software does not offer much to its online users. The main negative factor about it is the price. While most trading systems do require some kind of payment, it is usually in the form of an initial deposit whose minimum amount is just $250.


This allegedly profit-amplifying solution does not provide customer support or any other basic features. Traders have the only benefit of gaining knowledge of several specific strategies and methods and this is it.

This digital investment tool is most likely a scam. One better do his best to avoid it if he or she wish to keep their earnings safe.

Final Thoughts

Options Income Engine Software does not comply with any existing SSL standards. It is missing some of the most basic features of reliable trading tools and users are offered a small 60% likelihood of seeing any returns on their investments. They have a far greater chance of achieving financial success and prosperity with a more trustworthy and truly genuine piece of auto-pilot software and not this sham.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Options Income Engine to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Options Income Engine is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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