In an industry which is packed with scams and frauds, is OC Software a ray of hope for ordinary traders, or is it a deception used very carefully by clever internet marketers?

After conducting a full-fledged investigation, we are of the opinion that OC Software cannot be trusted. Through this detailed review, we aim to warn traders about the dangers it poses and the reasons why it is a bad option for making online investments.

Read on to learn what this gimmick is about and how these scammers have plotted to steal from innocent traders.

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What is OC Software?

It is alleged that OC Software is a powerful tool that has been designed to assist traders along the way. It can supposedly generate thousands of dollars in returns on a daily basis. According to the various claims on their website, if the software fails to deliver the expected results, its owner will pay traders from his own pocket.

The kind of bogus claims these people have been making isn’t going down too well with some traders. This is the reason it became essential to conduct a thorough analysis so we could inform traders about what it can do and what it cannot do.

OC Software is certainly not the real deal because it is not capable of assisting traders in a manner that is deemed useful for them. Instead of helping traders, it makes them lose their investment which clearly shows that it has not been developed with the honest intentions. The trading system is undoubtedly the work of thieves who operate behind the curtains to entice unsuspecting traders and use tricks to have their investment funds siphoned into their accounts.

OC Software: A Look at How It Operates

The software makes use of cutting edge satellite technology to generate massive returns from online investments. It works faster than any other trading system when it comes to monitoring the financial markets and spotting favourable opportunities. Furthermore, it gives its users a slice of the trillions of dollars that is invested in the financial markets every day. All this sounds incredible and looks like an opportunity of a lifetime, but is it really true?

The answer is a big no. These are just lies meant to lure traders into signing up with a useless broker. How OC Software actually works is very simple. The crooks who have designed this program have created a website and posted a bunch of lies so they can attract the attention of new traders who are greedy for success in this industry and those who feel that it is easy to generate wealth by using a trading software.

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When these thieves are successful in getting people to sign up with them, they redirect them to an unregulated broker’s website with whom they are affiliated and receive a commission for every successful referral. If the trader falls into their trap and makes a deposit, they get access to a junk piece of software that does nothing more than making them execute losing trades. In the trading field, where one person’s loss is another one’s gain, the broker gets their hands on the investment capital after it is lost in trading.

So basically, the ones who are at the winning end are the owners of the app and the broker they work with. There is no chance for traders to gain anything out of it.

Interesting Fact:

The authenticity of a trading system can be checked by its reviews. A good Google search will display all the reviews that has ever been written about the app. Such reviews can be trusted and based on them an opinion can be made regarding the system’s reliability. But if the reviews only exist on the system’s website and cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, just know that they are fake and are meant to deceive the public.

Is OC Software a Fraudulent Trading System?

The scam artists who are operating this system are desperate for your investment funds. They are not concerned about your trading goals or success. They will lure you through greed by making use of tricks that have been tested by scammers before. One good trick they are using in this case is false promises.

Do you really think they will pay you from their own pocket if the system fails to deliver on its promise? Absolutely not because you are the only one who will be risking the capital by making a deposit with an untrustworthy broker. You will not even get a chance to ask for a refund or withdraw your funds from your account once it is gone. Sadly, their customer support service also doesn’t work. They have lied that they have a team dedicated to assisting their users, but honestly they offer no support or help.

If the tool was truly helpful, it wouldn’t be offered for free. This is another lie that they have said so they can get your fullest attention.

But the most important thing that we have discovered is that the promo video of OC Software has been stolen from Orion Code’s website. In the video, you will see that Edward Robinson is talking about Orion Code and not some random OC Software. This guy is a professional trader and he has developed only one software and that is Orion Code.

By stealing the video, these people are trying to make their bogus software appear genuine. Perhaps they want people to believe that both of them are the same thing. In reality, Orion Code is a proven system and it works exceptionally well to fulfil its user’s trading needs.

Last but not the least, the Facebook posts you see on their website are also fake. The profiles have been intentionally created using fake pictures and names so they can post more lies about OC Software.


Our Verdict

Our final thoughts about OC Software is that it will not make anyone wealthy or give anyone any free wealth. If you choose to complete the sign up process in hopes of generating significant returns, then you will be making a big mistake.

OC Software is a proven scam and through this detailed review, we have already managed to reveal the dirty secrets that most people didn’t know. We encourage all our readers to stay away from it or look for a better alternative for trading in the financial markets.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on OC Software to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if OC Software is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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