Nova App is an auto-profit software whose creator Michael Newberry claims that it has not carried not a losing financial operation since its initial launch three and a half years ago. As promising as it may sound to online traders, they should keep in mind that there is no Forex system that can actually accomplish this.

Mr. Newberry later contradicts this in the promotional video, stating several different expected daily turnouts. The sum varies from $,2,500 to an alleged minimum of $2,700 per day. There is no hard evidence present on the Internet that can prove either of both.

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Nova Trader System is stated to have a signals accuracy rate of 97.33% but this is way too high to be considered legit. It is also said to have Cloud Hosting as a founding base for its programming algorithm but this is also most likely no true.

Our best suggestion to investors would be to regard Nova Software as a possible scam and either OR Pick a More Reliable System as a profit-amplifying solution.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free for a Definite Number of Spots
  • Software: Self-Managing & Auto-Profit Software
  • Max Returns: 97.33%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Click-Trade-Button System


  • Requires Additional Downloading
  • Proven Scam Software Connections
  • Not Actually Based on Cloud Hosting
  • Unrealistic Accuracy Rate
  • Can Not Achieve the Promised Results

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Not Reliable Service

What is NovaApp System?

Nova Software is supposedly subject to timely and consistent updates and upgrades but if this were so then it would have probably had a more realistic and reasonable accuracy rate. It is impossible for the Forex robot to have a winning capacity of 100% because trading on the financial markets is a speculative endeavor and its outcome can not be determined with absolute certainty.

Another dubious claim is that NovaTrader System is managed by a supercomputer algorithm as this would require NASA technology which the founding team certainly does not have access to. Investing with NovaApp Software is not risk-free and users should know that the creator Michael Newberry is not an actual person.

They can complete the free sign up of a truly legit Forex trading robot. A nice example of such would be HBSwiss – the automated investment solution that is based on the best Swiss trading principles and features unique technology and a user-friendly design.

Interesting Fact:

Cloud Hosting[1], on the grounds of which Nova App robot is supposedly founded, really does allow one to open, view and upload information on websites mere fractions of a second faster than with regular networks. It is utilized on Wall Street in order to gain access to breaking market news quicker than adversaries.

How Does NovaTrader System Operate?

Nova Software is supposed to be the first ever 100% strike-rate system to be released in the Forex and CFDs trading industry but this is not actually so such an income-generating solution would require magical abilities.

Michael Newberry states that it can recognize profitable trading patters[2] seven-millionths of a second faster than the rest of the automated investment solutions on the Internet but this is just information that is stolen from another Forex robot’s video script.

Existing user feedback goes on to confirm that it does not have the technical capacity to recognize repetitive financial patterns with a fair degree of objectivity or reliability. Nova Holding does also not employ the best Wall Street market analysts and programming geniuses, merely just members of an online scam group.

Is Nova Software a Forex Scam or Reliable?

Nova App robot might have an interestingly designed interface but users must know that all concrete evidence points out the fact that it is a scam. Michael Newberry is not a person that exists in everyday reality and the auto-pilot system itself is a re-hash of a fraudulent system that was released a couple of months ago.


It has close ties to devious Forex brokers and it even requires users to download it onto their personal computers and smart devices. Nova Trader Software does also not abide by any existing SSL security standards.

It is most likely a dubious scam software and users are best advised to stay as far away as possible from it.

Final Thoughts

Nova App System begins with the promise that its alleged 100% success rate can do wonders for the financial well-being of users but it fails to do so in the end. The Forex software has established connections to creators of online scam robots and it is best to avoid utilizing its services. There are far better systems on the Internet and one can get started for free with one of them instead.



I am David Raines, a Forex trader with years of experience in online trading. I write reviews of Forex Brokers, Auto Trading Software and Signals Providers.

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1. Cloud computing: state-of-the-art and research challenges – (Qi Zhang, Lu Cheng & Raouf Boutaba, Journal of Internet Services and Applications, May 2010, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 7–18);

2. Security Analysis and Trading Patterns When Some Investors Receive Information Before Others – (DAVID HIRSHLEIFER, AVANIDHAR SUBRAHMANYAM & SHERIDAN TITMAN, The Journal of Finance, Volume 49, Issue 5, December 1994, pp. 1665–1698);