Moscow Millionaire System is a Forex trading robot allegedly founded by Russian native Dmitri Artemyevich who claims to wish to open the door of currency pairs investments and make them accessible to users from all levels of proficiency.

Our close examination of the trading software managed to come across some rather distressing facts. First of all, the video script is a total rip-off of a legit Forex system called FinTech Ltd. Dmitri Artemyevich just wants to cash in on the popularity and the established reputation of the profit-amplifying solution.

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It does not even have the decency to change the narrative of its promotional video all that much which makes it an easily distinguishable online scam. Supposed founder Dmitri Artemyevich is also not a legit person as he is merely just a hired actor.

Our best advice to digital traders would be to either OR Pick a Trusted and Reliable Robot from the table below. They should make everything possible to avoid this sham investment software.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Limited-Time Free Offer
  • Software: Currency Pairs trading Robot
  • Max Returns: 97%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Sets Up Multiple Trades


  • Creator is a Hired Actor
  • Video Script is Stolen
  • Winning Ratios are Not Authentic
  • No Ability to Achieve Success
  • Nothing Genuine About It

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Not Reliable Service

What is Moscow Millionaire Forex Robot?

Dmitri Artemyevich states that his digital investment tool guarantees risk-free trading and has no troubles in generating $36,000 weekly but there is nothing truthful about this information. He issues statements in the promotional video for the trading software that he was once the Head of the Data Analysis Team at a big Moscow investment firm.

It was an autumn morning a couple of years ago when he noticed that one of his most sophisticated and highly-educated analysts – Mikhail was feeling down. The sad look on his face was attributed to the fact that he wanted to provide his wife and two children with everything they wanted.

Even though he received a good salary, the economic standards in the Russian Federation are not very high. Mikhail turned to several Forex investment systems that ended up losing all of his savings. This was the supposed trigger moment that brought Dmitri to the idea of establishing a Forex trading robot.

As we have already mentioned above, there is nothing genuine about this story. It is stolen from a legit and authentic Forex investment instrument’s video. Users better proceed to a truly trustworthy and genuine trading solution. A good suggestion would be the QProfit System – it has a verified success rate of 97.5%.

Interesting Fact:

Moscow is actually one of the most expensive cities in the world. It managed to surpass even New York a couple of years ago. There are a lot of prominent Russian traders and the Forex industry there is expanding at quite the rapid investment pace.

How Does the Forex Trading Tool Work?

Forex currency pairs trading is all about the right moment. The most basic investment technique would be to buy a particular currency and sell another simultaneously. This is what the income-generating solution at hand is supposed to do but fails to execute in reality.

Dmitri Artemyevich claims that the investment robot can set-up multiple trades at the same time, acquiring users double or triple earnings with a 98% winning ratio but this is not actually true. The algorithm is supposed to be self-learning but is nothing more than a barely working Algo-trading one.

Is Moscow Millionaire a Forex Scam or Legit?

Existing user testimonials and professional trading reviews on the Internet confirm that there is nothing trustworthy about the currency pairs solutions. It is supposed to place and carry out profitable financial operations but does nothing more than try to copy a far more successful and reliable software.


There is absolutely no reason for users to get started with this trading scam. The only thing it will acquire them is losses. Users better complete the free sign-up of a more legitimate and genuine investment solution.

Final Thoughts

Moscow Millionaire System is a Forex investment instrument that tries to follow in the steps of giants with little to no success. It brutally rips-off a truly authentic trading robot and does not offer its clients any trustworthy, easily applicable, and financially fruitful special features.

The truth is that the currency pairs software is nothing more than an Algo-trading scam. Investors are far more likely to achieve monetary independence with a profit-amplifying solution that is already verified as being legit.



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