Millionaire Blueprint claims to give a very high and quick returns to traders. But, is this Forex robot legitimate or Millionaire Blueprint is a Scam?

Our investigation team was not able to find any significant or useful information to prove if the indicator Millionaire Blueprint actually achieves such high win rates. What we can be sure about is that the Millionaire Blueprint is not so well-know.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free Upon Sign-Up
  • Software: Forex Investment Robot
  • Max Returns: 100%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Free Trading E-Book


  • Walter Green Does Not Exist
  • Simple & Poorly-Designed Algorithm
  • Not Subject to Regular Updates
  • Performance Declined Over the Years
  • Customer Care Team is Rude

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Not Reliable Service

Millionaire Blueprint Review

We have made a detailed review of Millionaire Blueprint on the basis of information available for them. If you are confused in choosing Forex trading software, then just go through this review.

After detailed investigation we can come to the claim that this Forex Robot needs a lot to improve. After opening an account with this auto-trading system, we have found that many users have not yet gained the profits shown on their sales page. Unluckily, we cannot reassert that this robot is safe.

Millionaire Blueprint System

This software is developed for trading 60 second, which can be traded involuntarily through autopilot mode or done manually. On selecting the autopilot, it will trade automatically in conformity with the signals produced by it, whereas in the manual mode a trader needs to input the commendations given by the software. In a nutshell you can either allow the robot drop your money for you or you may do it yourself because in both cases you finally throw away your money. Using the suggestions of this system, most of the traders have sacrificed even their primary investment. We cannot be so sure if this system is valid at all.

Millionaire Blueprint Software

You should think twice before approaching towards Millionaire Blueprint software. The site is occupied of brilliant thoughts and makes powerful claims that this Forex trading robot can generate a huge profit that may go to a high level of 110%. The software is intended to help traders trade undoubtedly without spending much time and even without having any prior knowledge or expertise, and generate high profits and that also completely free.

These claims require to be backed up with facts and the bitter truth is that most of the traders who have used this software have nothing great to state about it.


Unimpressive Algo-Trading Forex Robot

Millionaire Blueprint System handles mainly 60-second operations. Users can choose whether to place them on the Forex or on the CFD trading market but should keep in mind that they do not always involve risk-free trading. The list of available assets is not very extensive, barely featuring 100 different ones. This is not very good for experienced investors who wish to diversify their portfolio.

The main problem with this trading solution is the fact that it applies a basic Algo-trading algorithm. It does not have the technical capacity to achieve consistent results on a daily basis. Its accuracy rate is also very low.

Its creator Walter Green is also a scam. Our investigation confirms that there is no such person. A hired actor was utilized in order to make him appear legit to the public. There are no social media profiles registered under this name. It is fake.

Users better proceed to a more reliable and truly authentic Forex robot. One possible option is the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas. It gives stable daily results and its algorithm applies two powerful trading techniques.

Millionaire Blueprint Scam

scamMost of the people who have used the Millionaire Blueprint software have not been able to confirm the claims of big profits made by the developer of the software. There are so many scams on the internet and more so in the area of Forex trading that it becomes impossible for an individual to find out which is an authentic product and which one is fake. It will be good to thoroughly find out any software before spending your money and be more discreet of the products that claim to give you more money without even working for it. The best thing you can do is to be cautious or to choose from our recommended brokers.

Millionaire Blueprint Results

Even if Millionaire Blueprint Robot is a scam or not is difficult to say with strong belief, but traders who have used it and people in general are not very satisfied with the results of this software. Most of the claims made by the developers of this new software have been found to be lacking and straight-out different to what is being aforesaid.

The results of 90% acknowledged in the advertising stuff are yet to be verified by even a single trader who has used the system. The only recipients of the software appear to be the brokers and affiliates suggested by the creators of the robot.

Not Many Special Features & Bonuses

The trading robot does not offer its customers many special features. The only one of them that can be categorized as being somewhat unique is the so-called ‘Secret’ e-Book. It is a pdf-format compilation of different strategies and investment techniques.

While some of the theories that it mentions are truly interesting, most are well-known to experienced traders. They might find the guidebook less engaging. Newbies, however, can get accustomed to the way that the digital trading and Forex markets work.

Did You Know?

The core philosophy of the trading e-Book is that one’s thinking pattern does attract favorable daily trading results. Naturally prosperous earnings can also be achieved via a change in the thinking pattern. This philosophy sounds like taken from a self-help guide. There is no place for it in serious Forex market investments as this may lead to many emotional trading mistakes and subsequent financial losses.

User Testimonials & Trading Reviews

The digital trading public was initially hyped by the investment tool’s clever marketing campaign but soon began to lose interest. The Forex software’s performance began a slow decline and users generally tend to avoid it at the current moment. Existing genuine investment reviews and testimonials have an underlined negative and dissatisfied tone.

Unreliable & Rude Customer Support Service

The customer support care of this Forex robot is supposed to operate around-the-clock. But many users have signalized that this is not the case. They state that the team is very hard-to-reach. Even though it is assumed that every member goes through detailed and regular professional trading, they are often unable to address the questions and concerns of traders.

Another negative side is that the care staff are often rude. Their advice is not to be taken for granted and applied as the bare truth. This could hinder the trading process and lead to possible future financial losses.

Final Thoughts

Millionaire Blueprint System was once a reliable and trustworthy trading solution. But its programming algorithm was not subject to updates and enhancements and it began to lose momentum as the years passed. There are indications that it might be a scam.Users should avoid it as it is not capable of acquiring stable earnings on a daily basis. There are far better Forex robots on the Internet.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Millionaire Blueprint to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Millionaire Blueprint is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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