One of the easiest methods used to sell fake trading programs is to package it in such a way that it looks genuine. Scammers introduce incentives, make bold promises and even make claims of steady and significant returns to attract newcomers.

Scamming in the financial arena is evolving fast and out of every 10 trading systems that are introduced, at least 9 of them are bogus.

When I heard about Maximus CryptoBot, I thought it would be a legit program. This is why I decided to analyse the software to establish its authenticity and determine how useful it could be for traders looking to invest in the newly created cryptocurrency markets.

Sadly, my investigation proves that Maximus CryptoBot is an unreliable option for trading digital currencies. It is a lie that has been packaged nicely to dupe innocent traders and deprive them of their hard-earned investment capital. So if you are someone who has received an email promoting Maximus CryptoBot, then it is imperative for you to understand the risks associated with using this robot.

In this review, I am going to share with you some facts about Maximus CryptoBot. From this review, you will also get to learn why Maximus CryptoBot is a scam software.

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Maximus CryptoBot Overview

When watching the promo video of Maximus CryptoBot, I noticed that it is a completely anonymous program. I did not find any details about who the creator of this software is from their website.

I also performed a search on the internet hoping to find out who created it or who actually owns it, but there is no information available. In fact, I was able to establish that this software has a history of performing bad trades.

It is quite evident that anyone who signs up for this robot will end up losing their investment capital. Anyone who is associated with Maximus CryptoBot is also shady.

While I agree that Maximus CryptoBot has the potential to trade on behalf of its users, I don’t agree with their claims that this software is at least 93% accurate. Their claims are unrealistic. It is also unnatural for them to operate without a license because the cryptocurrency trading industry is heavily regulated and anyone who wants to offer signals service needs to obtain licenses from respective authorities first.

Maximus CryptoBot is operating in an illegal manner and I don’t think it is safe for anyone to deposit their hard-earned funds with them.

Important to Note:

A good trading software will be developed by professionals. You will be able to find all the necessary details about them when you perform a Google search. The developers won’t hide their identities and you will also be able to find unbiased and positive reviews about them. Most importantly, their physical address will be verifiable.

A Look at the Operational Process of Maximus CryptoBot

The ability to invest in cryptocurrencies is a good investment choice. But, it is crucial for you to look for a platform that is trustworthy and genuine.

Maximus CryptoBot promises to offer a service that is reliable. It claims to generate signals which are highly accurate. According to whoever created this software, traders don’t need to carry out any kind of analysis to use the software. with just a few clicks, they can activate the system to generate massive profits on fully automated mode.

In today’s time, it is quite hard to believe that a completely anonymous system has an accuracy of over 93%. I don’t believe that some random person or group has created a software that can execute 93 winning trades out of every 100 trades.

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They say that earning substantial returns by using Maximum CryptoBot is extremely easy and free. I don’t believe any of this because I know with experience that nothing good comes for free.

Earning a living is tough in this world and finding success in the cryptocurrency trading arena requires hard work, patience and dedication. For an automated trading system to deliver positive results, it needs to implement certain indicators like Bollinger, Stoch and Fibonacci. Besides this, a lot more goes into the development of a successful software.

But my analysis shows that Maximus CryptoBot has nothing to offer. It isn’t comprised of algorithms, indicators, mathematical codes or advanced trading technology. It simply generates random numbers which looks like signals and uses them to execute trades resulting in losses for the user.

Plus, it connects traders to shady brokers and forces traders to make deposit of at least $250. Once the deposit appears in the trading account, the software makes it vanish really fast.

What Makes Maximus CryptoBot A Malicious Software?

The intent with which the software has been developed raises doubts about its legitimacy. I have checked on forums and review sites, but haven’t found anyone who can confirm that it is a worthy system.

Here are my reasons for believing that Maximus CryptoBot is a scam.

Anonymous Creators

Why would someone who has developed such a highly accurate trading system choose to remain anonymous? The reason is that neither the software nor the developers are genuine.

Unattractive Hype

The software was launched with a lot of hype. There is a lot of claims and promises surrounding the software. But there is not even a single person who can prove that it is genuine or truly works to meet the needs of its users.


Shady Connections

The brokers associated with the software are unregulated. Just like the software, they operate in an illegal fashion, targeting only newbies and unsuspecting traders.

Rehashed Version Only

Upon paying careful attention, I was able to establish that the software isn’t original. It is very similar to a scam system I have analysed in the past. The similarities suggest that Maximus CryptoBot is a rehashed version of an old scam.

Unreliable Signals

Do the signals actually help execute winning trades? Certainly not. There is not even a single evidence that shows that anyone has generated stable returns with it. Did I mention that the entire promo video is fake and the presenter is a paid actor? Maximus CryptoBot is packed with lies and deception and there are many reasons for staying away from it.

Final Thoughts

I am very much convinced that Maximus CryptoBot is an unreliable and unsafe trading system. Opting for it would mean risking your hard-earned funds and buying yourself loads of disappointment.

Instead of making your trading experience enjoyable and fruitful, it will make it stressful. A suggest you stay clear of it or consider using an approved trading software.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Maximus Crypto Bot to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Maximus Crypto Bot is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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