The newly released automated Forex trading platform called Inside Trader is yet another product that has the tough task to impress and attract online investors. It was created by Alex Steele who is also the person who presents the product to the Forex community. Interesting statement of his is the fact that this robot is able to benefit from insider information.

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We believe you know that insider trading is illegal. And many scam trading robots’ creators use this to make people sign up in their platform. Inside Trade makes no difference. As a result, we advise readers to Proceed to Safe Robot  and stay away from this system.

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Basic information:

  • Max Returns: $6,000 per day
  • Software: Automated Trading Bot
  • Success Rate: 100%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • No Download


  • Unrealistic Success Rate
  • Unregulated Brokers
  • Negative Feedback
  • Low Accuracy Rate

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Not Reliable Service

What is Inside Trader?

This new product is presented as a Forex robot that was created and owned by Alex Steele. Allegedly, he is a former stock exchange inside trader that has left his $6 million salary job to create this system. It is supposed to be really successful and profitable by earning over $6,000 per day for its users on regular basis.

However, from the promo clip people can’t learn any authentic information. There is no real man presenting the software. On the opposite, the video looks like a cheap high-school presentation. Also, the provided testimonials are unreliable as they all seem shot by paid actors but not by real traders and members of the system.

We believe this is more than enough to prove that there is something wrong with Inside Trader.


How to Start with InsideTrader?

Inside Trader requires several minutes to sign up. First of all, you must fill in the form to secure your spot in the software. Then, you have to invest as much as $250 otherwise you cannot start trading. This is disturbing as during the promo video the anonymous voice promises to give $2,000 as a bonus to all the people who act quickly and claim their account withing 3 minutes. However, this doesn’t happen and there is no bonus at all. So, if you still want to proceed, you have to pay.

Is Inside Trader a Scam or Not?

Considering everything we learned and discovered about this newly emerged Forex platform, we are far from the idea that it works properly. On the contrary, all the gathered evidence show that people cannot trust the software as there is nothing real and authentic about it.

Furthermore, the online feedback we managed to find was all negative. Many people share their unpleasant experience with the robot claiming they have lost all the invested funds. Finally, it is not possible for any trading platform to grant a 100% success rate. Still, the anonymous voice promises it to all members of the robot. We consider that as another empty and fake statement.

>> Proceed to Secure Trading System <<

To sum it up, you should not deal with this Inside Trader system as this will be highly dangerous to your pocket. If you really want to be a successful online investor dealing with Forex, you should consider joining FinTech Ltd software. It is powerful, legit and highly reputable income-generating solution.

Final Words

We know that all of you want to read good news and maybe many of you expected for Inside Trader to be a reliable and trustworthy system. Sadly, it isn’t and the sole fact it has this name is enough to raise the red flag in your head. As a result, we do not recommend the platform to anyone as it is bogus, fraudulent and the only thing it can do is taking your investment for good.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on The Inside Trader to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if The Inside Trader is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


In order to protect traders from bad trading experience and financial loses we recommend you to

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