Jack Lewis has released a new trading system which he claims to be highly accurate and reliable. The software which he has named Indicator Pro allegedly informs traders about opportunities that can help them yield significant returns from buying and selling Facebook shares.

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He says that his trading machine is available, but with a limited number of spots only. So is Indicator Pro the ideal solution for investing in Facebook?

Through this review, we aim to provide unbiased and honest information about this new trading tool. If you have heard of it before or are contemplating using it, then we urge you to read this review till the end.

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What is Indicator Pro?

We don’t think you should rush in to register with this system because it is not what it appears to be.

The software has been launched as an investment tool which can help its users generate massive returns from Facebook stock crisis. Jack Lewis says that due to the recent data scandal, the value of Facebook stock has dipped greatly. And, he says that he has managed to craft a system that has identified an uptrend with the potential to benefit investors and traders from across the globe.

His system is free to use and it delivers signals on when to invest in those shares. It will guide investors along the way ensuring that they generate at least $1500 on a daily basis.

The statements made by this guy are quite absurd because there is no proof of this system working in a manner that has been described. It is relatively new in the market and so far, no one has achieved any positive results by using it.


How Does Indicator Pro Work?

It is always interesting to see how such systems work to dupe innocent traders. Over the past couple of years, scammers have come up with new tactics to deceive the public and the Indicator Pro is a very good example of this.

It has been designed to make traders lose their investment funds. You may be asking how is it possible when the software comes for free, right?

Their idea is to connect you with shady brokers. The brokers are mysterious and you won’t be able to guess who they are until you adhere to their requests of depositing funds with them. The amount they ask for is $250 and once you make payment, it will go into unknown accounts. There is no way you will be able to retrieve the funds once it is gone.

On the other hand, the software will make you execute bad trades so you cannot complain that your funds have been stolen. They will make it look like you lost the capital as a result of making poor trading decisions.

Interesting Fact:

In July 2018, shares of Facebook dropped by almost 20%, wiping out close to $120 billion in market capitalization. This drop was so massive that it was recorded as the biggest decline in the history of this company. Mark Zuckerberg’s overall net worth has also gone down by over $15 billion.

Is Indicator Pro Scam or Legit?

There are numerous fake elements present on their website which prove that Indicator Pro is a bogus trading software. It is not legit and we don’t want you to risk your funds with it.

Their promo video is perhaps the first thing you will see when you land on their website. The truth about this video is that although it looks very convincing, it is fake. Even Jack Lewis, who claims to be the so-called owner of this app is a fictitious character. All you can hear is his voice, and even see for once who he really is. This clearly shows that he is just a voice-over artist who has been hired for the job. Also, he has been given a fake name to promote the product.

In addition, whoever is running this app has used pressure tactics to rush people into signing up for it. you will see that they offer limited number of spots, but no matter how many different email ids you use to sign up, there will always be free spots remaining. Basically, they will welcome anyone and everyone who they are able to entrap with their bogus claims.

Don’t forget to read their disclaimer at the end of their homepage because it tells you that investing online is risky and you could lose all your investment if you don’t choose wisely. So this is a contradiction to their own statement where they said that you can earn a guaranteed sum each day with the Indicator Pro.


If you want to master the art of trading, then you need to put in a great deal of hard work and dedication. Plus, you need a trading system that works to deliver high quality data and signals. You will not succeed with a bogus system like Indicator Pro because it has simply been crafted to steal from you.

The software will leave you with a lot of stress and headache if you make the mistake of signing up with it.



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