The Huber Swiss Crypto Bot (also known as the Crypto Bot Huber) is one of the most recent online investment platforms that allegedly deals with favorable cryptocurrency transactions and trading. The product has been created by a man called Martin Huber. He is presented as a Swiss nano engineer that has managed to build this piece of investment software.

Allegedly, the main function of the robot is to execute trades in seven crypto exchanges simultaneously. It is supposed to be able to catch the slightest cryptocurrencies fluctuations predicting increase and fall in the exchange rates. This is possible thanks to the innovative technology that has been applied. Of course, no one offers any info about it, so we cannot offer you further information, however, this makes us be very careful with this product.

Another bad impression for our team is the fact that there is no promo video on the official page of the software. This means that users are provided with very little information about its supposed functions and operational process. Not to mention that there is nothing to prove the reliability of the platform. It just promises great results but these are nothing more than empty words.

We are now going to share with you what we found about this trading crypto robot. Read on to get all the details, however, we warn you from the very beginning, that you should better  and skip this software.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Different Fees
  • Software: Crypto Trading System
  • Max Returns: No Data
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Browser-Based
  • Fabricated Company Info
  • Non Existent Creator
  • Negative Feedback

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Not Reliable Service

Who is Martin Huber?

According to the limited info on the website of the software, its creator Martin Huber is a genius but also an exceedingly modest and retiring man. He is said to have created the best crypto trading robot ever seen in the industry. Well, all the newly presented trading systems claim the same, however, most of them turn out to be scams that fail to deliver any positive results. Mr. Huber is also said to be a very successful businessman who is glad that because of the assistance provided by him, people will be able to succeed in the crypto trading business. This sounds wonderful, still, there is nothing that can prove all these bold statements.


More About Huber Swiss Crypto Bot

It is said that the online crypto trading bot offers Swiss quality. This statement obviously comes from that fact that Switzerland is associated with quality standard around the world. As a result, the platform should be trustworthy, reliable, and very successful. Still, there isn’t a single word about its implemented technology, trading process or used algorithms. This is why we are unable to verify the results delivered by the automated robot.

It is supposed to make people forget about complicated trading strategies and technical analysis. All they need is to sign up and place their initial deposit amount. In return, they are even promised to get a personal assistant that has proven efficiency in the real-life market conditions.

Quality Assurance?

There is no such thing. We carefully investigated this question only to find that the Huber Swiss Crypto Bot has no document or any other guarantee that offers quality assurance or safety of the invested funds.

A Fake Creator?

Martin Huber is not real! This is what our research managed to reveal. He is a fictional character without any real ground. There isn’t a single active profile of a man with his identity. This only proves our theory that the crypto robot is a scam.

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Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is a Scam?

Our conducted in-depth scam review discovered that the Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is a scam. Also, be aware of the fact that it charges fees. So, it isn’t even free to use. Not to mention the fact that all the stated info from the official site is fake and fabricated.

We also checked the Internet space to gather some authentic users’ testimonials and all of them were negative. So, stay away from this dangerous trading robot and don’t sign up for it. If you are looking to join a reliable and 100% legit crypto trading system, take a look at the Crypto CFD Trader solution.

Final Words

Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is the most recent scam trading software that has been launched on the market. It is dangerous and absolutely fake, therefore, we would like to warn all our readers about it. You should not even consider the possibility to join it. Move forward and only opt for reliable and proven-to-work solutions.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Huber Swiss Crypto Bot to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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