Earning a side income from the comfort of the home is a real thing and many people have been successful in doing it. But experience tells us that there is no shortcut to becoming wealthy quickly or overnight. So if you have come across the name Guaranteed Money System and have asked yourself if it is genuine or a scam, then tell us tell you the truth about this system.

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The Guaranteed Money is a Forex trading software that has been created by someone named Angela Stevens. According to Ms. Stevens, anyone who makes use of the software will generate $5000 in profits within 24 hours. Not only this, but she also claims that traders can earn a guaranteed $1.3 million in just one month from using it.

These kinds of claims may sound tempting, but the problem is that they mostly come from scammers. As far as we know, there is no guarantee on how much one can earn in the online trading field. Due to the highly volatile nature of the markets, profits cannot be guaranteed. So are the claims of Ms. Stevens real or fake? Let’s find out the truth in this review.

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Basic Information:

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  • Unreliable Signals
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  • Requires Internet Connection
  • Special Features Are Not Present

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Not Reliable Service

About Guaranteed Money System

The affiliate marketers of the Guaranteed Money System have been promoting this app through emails. Perhaps, you may have received a link in your email telling you how your life could change if you sign up with this app. The truth about Guaranteed Money System is that it has not been designed for the average trader to earn profits from. In fact, it has been designed to help the creator and the affiliate marketers fill their pockets with your hard earned money giving you nothing in return.

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Our investigation into Guaranteed Money System proves that it is not a profit-making solution. The signals are highly unreliable and the software makes losing trades back to back so traders end up losing their account balance fast. There is nothing sincere or honest about this app. We neither liked the presentation, nor how the software performs.

How Does Guaranteed Money System Operate?

Just a few months ago, we reviewed a scam software and advised traders against using it. When reviewing Guaranteed Money System, we found it to be the same as the old one we investigated earlier. We believe that the creator has just changed the name to make it look like a completely different and profitable option. But the truth is that this is just a new version of an old scam which we are familiar with.

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The software doesn’t work to deliver accurate signals or trading results. While it does perform trades automatically, they mainly result in losses. In the presentation video, we can only see claims and promises. There is no explanation given on how the software works. The creator has provided no logical reasoning behind its ability to generate 100% accurate signals.

Is Guaranteed Money System Reliable or Not?

Based on our findings, we can confirm that Guaranteed Money System is not a reliable option. Traders should not expect to earn profits using this system because the accuracy ratio is very low. When the software executes trades on its own, they result in losses. It is quite evident that the aim of the creator and the affiliate marketers of the software is to make traders lose their money so they can fill their own pockets. This is a scam software and we have enough proof of this.

The first obvious proof is the creator herself. The woman in the video who claims to be Angela Stevens is a model and she has nothing to do with the Forex and CFDs industry. She has been paid to do the presentation video.

The second is the countdown feature that indicates the number of spots available. No matter how many people sign up, the countdown timer shows that only a limited number of spots are available. Having so much experience in this industry, we know for sure that this is a pressure tactic and it is very commonly used by scammers.


Another proof is the contract that has been signed by Angela and her attorney. According to this contract, if a trader who signs up for Guaranteed Money System fails to earn $5000 within 24 hours and over $1 million in 30 days, then she will pay the trader $50,000. When these people don’t exist, then how is it possible for the contract to be real? The contract is fake and the law firm covering the contract also does not exist.

Our Verdict

Our overall impression about Guaranteed Money System has been bad. We did not like how the system performs and the kind of claims the people behind this system have made. Trusting this software can prove to be a costly mistake because there is no guarantee that the software works.

The only advice that we can give our readers is to stay away from Guaranteed Money System.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Guaranteed Money System to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Guaranteed Money System is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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