Green Wood Formula is a new software offering innovative ways of controlling your Forex investments. But does Green Wood Formula really give you the best trading possibilities or it is just another Forex scam?

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There was not enough information to make an informed decision about this system in order to rate them as a scam or a legit one.

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Green Wood Formula – True Scam Review

Keeping high information level about all the Forex trading systems on the market is a challenging task. They just continue to emerge day after day and all of them state to be the best income-generating solution. However, this is not possible.

That is why there are good and bad products in terms of placing trades in the online market. Examining the real performance of each new robot is impossible for the common traders, so here is where the informational articles come to help. In this review, a new pretender for the title “best online trading solution” is going to be inspected – the Green Wood Formula, created by a man, only presented as Jake.


First Look at Green Wood Formula

This Forex trading software is presented by a person named Jake. During the promo clip he seems to read a script from a teleprompter, saying how much money he has already made by using his auto-trading solution. This person is promising people, that his trading platform is going to accumulate for them more than $100,000 in a period of just 30 days. Otherwise, Mr. Jake promises that he is going to pay traders $10000 out of his own pocket.

Is Green Wood Formula a Scam or Legit?

We are not saying categorically that this auto-trading Forex robot is a scam, but based on our investigation, we do not recommend it to traders. There is users’ negative feedback available in the Internet space, supporting the claim that Green Wood Formula is not properly working and fails to bring the promised return of traders’ investment. To continue with, the presenting video is repetitious by nature and constantly keeps emphasizing on the same key points in a very aggressive and irritating manner.

So, despite the respectable look and easy-going mannerisms of the creator of the program, at the end of the day he is providing just insufficient information based on a very clear agenda designed to make random online traders fund trading accounts with unknown, unregulated Forex brokers. Unfortunately, it seems that what people can see here is just a replica of other fraudulent systems and their promises for high profitability and great returns.

How Does Green Wood Formula Work?

There is no substantial information about how does the robot actually work and how it manages to place high rate profitable trades. In the promo video there are only promises and claims being stated but nothing in specifics. Viewers fail to understand more about the system’s working process and remain uninformed. The only thing they receive as information is that the Green Wood Formula is automated Forex software.

Each trader will need at least $250 initial deposit in order to get started with a broker account. If any user already has an existing one it will not work, so people shouldn’t just put away their credit card.

How to start using the Green Wood Formula?

If any user wants to try dealing with this automated robot, he should follow these steps:

  • Create an Account – traders should fill in a form with personal information about names and valid email address.

  • Trade – users may start trading by using the autopilot or the manual trading mode.

  • Withdrawal – a request for withdrawal should be sent to the assigned broker. Then, traders should gain access to their generated profits.

Final Verdict

Based on what we have shared as an investigation result, we are going to advice people to find another Forex trading platform. It should be legit, reliable and supported by positive testimonials, feedback and winning examples of satisfied traders. Green Wood Formula definitely seems to be missing solid proof that states for properly working income-generating solution.



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