GPS Forex Robot 3 System is a newly-launched online trading software which handles exclusively currency pairs. It was allegedly founded by Mark Larsen and two of his expert programmer friends – Ronald Kravchuk and Antony Kemble. The trio has supposedly managed to establish one of the most sophisticated investment instruments on the Internet.

Upon taking a closer look at its respective characteristics, one will notice that it involves little to no involvement on part of the actual client. Everything is completely digitized. Meaning that the currency trading robot can sporadically place losing trades without the user even noticing.

As one might suppose, this implies a great risk to the favorable outcome of an investment operation. Not only this but the trading solution is also not free-of-charge. In order to utilize it, one must pay quite the hefty sum.

There is an ongoing dispute regarding the currency pairs investment bot’s legitimacy status. Many speculate that it is a scam. This is why users better avoid its offered services. They can choose between OR Picking A Reliable Robot from the following table.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: One-Time Payment Of $149
  • Markets: Currency Pairs Investment Software
  • Promised Returns: 100%
  • Deposit: $100


  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Creators Might Have Dubious Objectives
  • Little To No Involvement On Part Of the User
  • Actually Applies The Martingale Strategy
  • User Feedback Inclines Towards The Negative
  • Trading Might Lead To Significant Losses

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Not Reliable Service

Creator Mark Larsen – The Expert Forex Advisor?

This digital trading tool is supposed to serve as an expert advisor (EA) for the Forex market. After calculating possible asset price movements that focus predominantly on currency pairs, it is supposed to conduct fruitful and risk-free trading operations. This is all thanks to the extensive knowledge of supposed founder Mark Larsen.

He is the man behind several Forex trading blogs. It is implied that he compiles the investment software reviews himself and also powers a free training course platform. But extensive research into his persona reveals that when his name is mentioned on online forums, there is a wave of complaints that follows not long after.

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They concern mainly ruined trading accounts, failed refunds, lost initial investments, and non-working trading solutions. The ability of allegedly expert programmers Ronald Kravchuk and Antony Kemble to design a sophisticated investment robot is also not proven. They have worked with Mark Larsen before on the previous versions of the GPS Forex Robot 3 System and the results have been rather disappointing.

This is why the best thing that users can do for the time being is to stay away from the online assistance offered by this trio. There are far better investment robots available on the Internet. One of them is the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas. Trading with it results in consistent daily results.

Interesting Fact:

The price movement of Forex currency pairs is calculated using the so-called ‘pips’. Those who don’t know where to look for it should keep in mind that it is the fourth digit after the decimal sign of the average price quote. The number is used to asses not only average price movement but also the medium of the earnings and slippage.

Utilizes MetaTrader 4 Platform But Applies Martingale Strategy

This online investment tool applies the MetaTrader 4 platform which is, in itself, a solid and reliable software. It is so massively utilized that it is hard to distinguish between the scam and authentic solutions that do implement it in order to provide sustainable services or create the impression that they do.

Another dubious factor is that founder Mark Larsen states that his currency trading system has nothing to do with all the scam robots that apply the Martingale strategy. But his investment software uses the stop-and-reverse method which is practically the same. Whenever it notices that the odds are losing, it just amplifies the invested sum.


Scam That Requires Regular Payments!

GPS Forex Robot 3 System is most likely just the next digital scam that wishes to make quick returns for its founders on the back of its clients. The special features are limited and so is the user’s ability to influence the actual trading process. Not only do customers have to pay for a license but they must also make a minimum investment of at least $100 in order to continue utilizing it. Totally not worth the time!

Find A Proper Currency Trading Alternative!

GPS Forex Robot 3 System is a currency pair investment software whose daily performance is far from spectacular. In fact, it is most likely a scam. It is not capable of generating the promised daily results. Users will find that they are paying a too hefty price in exchange for what they are receiving in return. They will have close to no involvement in the placement of the investments, thus allowing the bot to sporadically place losing trades.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on GPS Forex Robot to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if GPS Forex Robot is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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