Gemini Software System is a CFD trading robot which was created by Brandon Lewis. Even though the investment solution supposedly sees the light of day for the first time, the reality is that it was launched about 2 years ago. The current version is exactly the same as the previous one with the only difference being the name.

Brandon Lewis is not an actual person. His persona is entirely made-up in order to draw unsuspecting clients. The man seen in the promo video is nothing more than a paid actor. The clip is also directly taken from the 2016 version.

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It is claimed that the CFD investment software has not lost a trade in the last 2 years. But how can this be possible when it has only been in operation for an alleged period of several months. There is not a single bit of authentic information about it.

Our investigation determined beyond any doubts that this CFD trading system is a scam. Users are best advised to either OR Choose a Reliable Robot from the following table.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: No Registration Fee
  • Software: CFD Trading Software
  • Max Returns: 150%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • No Necessary Downloads


  • Brandon Lewis Does Not Exist
  • Based On a Scam Trading System
  • No Authentic Broker Connections
  • Unreliable & Unstable Services
  • Cannot Reach Promised Results

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Not Reliable Service

Brandon Lewis & His Experience with Search Engines

The man, who supposedly stands behind this CFD trading tool, states that he has spent a decade of his life working for search engine giant Google. He was a software designer whose main duty was to improve the forecasting abilities of the main algorithm so that it is better capable of guessing what a user would be looking for.

Lewis finally decided to begin working for himself, rather than a multinational corporation. Brandon invested all of his savings into the development of an investment solution that would operate on the CFD, Forex, and cryptocurrencies’ markets at the same time.

None of this data is actually authentic. Brandon Lewis does not exist. The person who users see in the promotional video is an amateur actor who was hired from a freelancing website. This CFD trading system is probably a scam. A finer option would be the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas. It gives consistent and lasting results.

Interesting Fact:

Google is an international corporation and the most popular search engine. They would not let an employee of theirs use secret company data in order to design a digital financial solution. This is an obvious fact. Users must learn to recognize such scam signals.

Just a Simple Algo-Trading Algorithm

Since we have already determined that this CFD trading solution was not founded by a former Google employee, it is safe to assume that its computer codes are not sophisticated. Our team managed to gather serious evidence that the investment robot applies just basic Algo-trading programming.

Same CFD Trading Software – Different Name

Absolutely the same CFD trading system appeared on the Internet about 2 years ago. Its name was not much different from the current one. It was called Gemini2 System and was allegedly established by the very same Brandon Lewis. Much hype surrounded its launch but users were quick to turn their disappointed heads in a more financially lucrative direction.

A Dubious Scam CFD Trading Robot

Gemini Software System is an overused scam. It has been around for years. Newcomers should not be fooled by its high promises. The technical capacity of the online investment solution does not allow it to achieve good daily results.


The applied trading platform is also beyond criticism. It is constantly on and off again, leaving traders with nothing to do but hope that their deposits are not lost for good. The official video is full of fake user testimonials which also use amateur actors. Investing with it implies serious financial risks.

Don’t Dwell on Gemini Software System

Gemini Software System is a dubious scam. Its actual launch was several years ago. The actual people behind it are now trying to capitalize on the fact that newcomers to the digital CFD trading sphere might not remember the original product.

Users must do their best to keep their personal finances safe and secure which would mean to stay as far away from the trading solution as possible. There are investment platforms that are far more worthy of one’s attention. They can proceed to one of them instead.



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