GatesWay System is an auto-pilot software which was supposedly founded by the mastermind of Microsoft – Bill Gates himself. This claim can not be further from the truth as the first part of the introduction video is actually stolen from a TED presentation.

The basic concept of the profit-amplifying solution is the idea of wealth redistribution. Gates Way System allegedly generates about $200 per trade or a total profit of $1,455 per day. Its initial success rate was 90% but Project Manager Michael Yantier lowered it to 77% so that the financially prosperous people he is drawing the sums from fail to notice the difference in their bank accounts.

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Our investigation determined that Bill Gates has nothing to do with the automated trading software. It is a full-blown scam and online users better avoid investing with it as they will most likely lose their deposits.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free Initial Sign Up
  • Software: Wealth Redistribution Software
  • Max Returns: 77%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Engaging Concept Foundation


  • Not Actually Established by Bill Gates
  • Requires Subsequent Deposit
  • High Odds for Losses
  • Low Winning Ratio
  • No Actual Profits

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Not Reliable Service

What is GatesWay Software?

Users must not be fooled into believing that this auto-pilot software was actually established by infamous philanthropist and entrepreneur Bill Gates and can ensure risk-free trading because of this. The man is not involved in the project and it is used without his consent for marketing and advertising purposes. The people that stand behind it just want to draw in more unsuspecting and newcomer investors.

The promotional video is actually stolen from the beginning of a TED conference in which Bill Gates speaks. The same man who claims to be Project Manager Michael Yantier narrates this part, pretending to actually be the founder of Microsoft. In reality, he is nothing more than a paid actor.

This is why we advise all users to register with a truly legit and authentic piece of automated software like HBSwiss – the Forex investment robot which features the outstanding Swiss Trading Technology and can achieve actual prosperity even to complete newbies.

Interesting Fact:

Redistribution of wealth[1] is not a new concept for the Forex and CFDs Trading industry. There have been many investment systems over the years who have tried to leverage on the fact that prosperous people would not notice a small difference in their bank statements. They have done so with varying degrees of success.

How Does Gates Way System Operate?

As mentioned above, GatesWay robot’s algorithm supposedly has access to the bank accounts of the wealthiest people in the world. Peter Collins – Head of the Testing and Debugging Team states that the auto-pilot solution draws funds to carry out investments on the stock market[2] with favorable results from them.

The first group of Beta-testers managed to achieve 90% winning ratios but they were regarded as way too high and could lead to future uncovering of the project. This is why the team behind the scam decided to lower the algorithm’s capacity to predict future asset price movements to 77%.

Is GatesWay Robot a Scam or Legit Trading Software?

All concrete evidence points out the fact that Gates Way Software is a scam. First of all, Bill Gates would never allow himself to be associated with such a devious investment method. Every person that appears in the advertising clip is a paid actor, including the user testimonials.

Our suggestion to online users would be to avoid taking advantage of the services of this automated trading tool. GatesWay System does not provide access to any unique or remarkable special features or trading tools. It is best to get started with a different income-accumulating solution which also has a free sign up procedure but higher odds of generating profits.


Final Thoughts

GatesWay System is as scam as scam gets. It has no real connections to Bill Gates but to a group of online scammers. Its founders take pride in the fact that they have stolen a video from a prominent digital series. The average winning rate is also way too low for the auto-pilot software to be regarded as legit. There are far better solutions on the Internet.



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1. REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH – (K. Panter-Brick, The Political Quarterly Magazine, Volume 23, Issue 4, October 1952, pp. 346–351);

2. A causality-in-variance test and its application to financial market prices – (Yin-Wong Cheung & Lilian K. Ng, Journal of Econometrics, Volume 72, Issues 1–2, May–June 1996, pp. 33-48);