The Frequency Method by Mitchell Simmons is a recently launched Forex trading software. It is promised to deliver to its members a passive income stream on daily basis. In order to opt for this online investing solution users should have good enough Internet connection.

We came across the platform and decided to analyze its performance by gathering all the available information related to the Frequency Method. Still, we couldn’t verify its origin and authenticity, so as for now we suggest that you should  and not sign up in the system. There is a fair chance for it to turn out to be a scam.

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Basic information:

  • Price: $250
  • Software: Automated Trading
  • Max Returns: $1,200 per day
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Automated Trading
  • Browser-Based


  • Non-Existing Creator
  • Shady Broker Connections
  • Negative Feedback
  • False Success Rate
  • Poor Design

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Not Reliable Service

What is the Frequency Method System?

This is a newly released automatically trading Forex software that promises to generate at least $1,200 per day for each of its users. The robot is also said to be risk-free and easy to use. However, from the promo video we can say that we weren’t impressed by the quality of the system as its presentation is designed as a high-school project – white-board video and hidden voice-over.

There are actually some users’ testimonials shown during the video, but they don’t look authentic, at all. The hidden voice, allegedly belonging to Mr. Simmons also claims that all the biggest and most successful firms in the world gain their profits thanks to high-frequency trading methods. This may be true, but we don’t believe this particular platform can be profitable as it really looks cheap and unprofessional. According to us, a really powerful system would have invested a lot more into its official website’s design, that is all.


How to Start with Frequency Method?

The registration process is said to take less than 6 minutes. New users of the system must first fill in the provided form. Then, they have to invest at least $250 and finally start trading with the system. However, we do not recommend that you should do that because, based on our results and impression, Frequency Method is not reliable and authentic Forex trading system.

You should better rely on a system that is already proven to work properly, such as FinTech Ltd for example. It is a powerful platform that consistently accumulates stable profits to its users.

Frequency Method – A Scam or Legit System?

The results we managed to produce from our in-depth investigation showed that, sadly, Frequency method is very likely to be a scam. We are not going to say it with 100% certainty due to the fact we couldn’t collect enough information. However, we strongly advise our readers to stay away from this platform as it is dangerous to your pocket. Furthermore, we came across some negative feedback as people claim to have problems with the withdrawal procedure.

To sum it up, in our professional opinion Frequency Method cannot provide you with significant profits, but loses, instead. Therefore, it should be treated as a scam and avoided at any cost.

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Final Words

We know very well that all of you hope to read a positive review when it comes to a newly released Forex robot. Unfortunately, in this case there is no way for us to skip the truth and it is disappointing. Sadly, Frequency Method is a scam and we have to warn all our readers to stay away from it otherwise they will suffer great loses.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Frequency Method to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Frequency Method is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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