FinCrowd App System is an online trading tool which was allegedly developed bySam Maxwell and his Russian-American college buddy Ana Petrov. Their profit-accumulating software is supposedly based on the crowdfunding principle but there is close to no truth in this claim.

Mr. Maxwell issues a promise to online users in the promotional video for the robot that states that they can anticipate payout of 6% on top of every investment made with the robot or up to $1,000. While the sum is not low at all, there are trading systems on the Internet that can accumulate much more.

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The main problems with this income-generating solution are that the presented creators are not authentic people and there are hardly any people that have managed to achieve the above-stated earnings.

It should be regarded as a possible scam and traders can choose to either OR Pick a Legit Software from the following table.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free Initial Registration
  • Software: Crowd-Funding System
  • Max Returns: 98.5%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Supposedly Based on Crowd-Funding


  • Simple & Basic Algorithm
  • Return Rate Close to Zero
  • Founders Not Authentic
  • Does Not Provide a Reliable Income
  • Market Predictions Not Trustworthy

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Not Reliable Service

What is FinCrowdApp System?

This automated investment system can allegedly ensure that every user is presented with a sufficient number of opportunities to carry out risk-free trading. It is also allegedly founded by an American national – Sam Maxwell who spent several years working for an upscale trading firm in the United Kingdom – Highbridge Capital Management.

He was financed by his college friend Ana Petrov who helped him recruit David Wang as Chief Technical Officer and Tim Byrnes from Private Capital Group, LLC, as a private advisor. All of this information is falsified and these personalities do not actually exist in real life. Our investigation did not manage to come up with any facts verifying their identities.

Our best recommendation would be for users to complete the free sign-up of a more reliable digital investment instrument like the HBSwiss Software. It has an established winning ratio of 97.5% and has continuously brought financial prosperity to thousands of traders.

Interesting Fact:

Equity crowd-funding methods seek to ensure that people who have close to no formal education or professional experience in finance are provided with enough options to achieve success on the trading markets. They have been gaining prominence in the last decade.

How Does the Forex Trading Software Work?

The end user has to make an initial investment of $250 or higher in order to fund his account and gain access to a trading portfolio that he can accustom and personalize according to his very own wishes.

FinCrowd App Software allegedly employs a vast number of investment experts, analysts, and bankers who assess the present market conditions and issue predictions concerning asset price movements to online traders.

All of this sounds fine but most legit and authentic auto-pilot solutions let computer algorithm carry out the forecasts because manual analysis takes up too much time and the user might miss out on a fruitful opportunity to carry out a successful financial deal.

Is the Forex Trading System a Scam or Reliable?

All concrete evidence points out the fact that this automated trading software is not trustworthy. The founding figures are completely fabricated and do not exist in actual reality. Paid actors were hired specifically for the purpose of impersonating them in the promotional video.

FinCrowdApp robot can only generate about $1,000 per day and most user testimonials and reviews go on to prove that it has great troubles in achieving this. Market analysis is carried out manually and signals do not reach users in time.


Online investors must regard the Forex investment robot as a likely scam and do their best to avoid it. It will most likely bring them nothing but losses.

Final Thoughts

FinCrowd App System is an unreliable Forex robot that will lose the time and savings of online traders. The concept of equity crowd-funding that is supposedly applied into its programming algorithm is interesting but all analysis is done by real-life people and not computers which makes the process much slower. It is best for digital traders to turn to a fully automated and completely genuine robot and avoid this scam.



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