Financial Sentiment is a recently released online investment system that deals with cryptocurrency trading. It implements the Stockbit trading platform created by a man called Daniel Wakanabi. He is also supposed to be a CEO and founder of the firm behind this software.

According to the information we got from the official site of the crypto trading system it is supposed to offer to its members 7% daily return on their initial investment. This is why, it is said that the product has already managed to become quite popular among both experienced and novice traders. Now, they should be able to achieve real success in the crypto trading business.

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Our team of investigators decided to collect more information about the working mechanisms of this platform and to provide our readers with a full scam review. This is how they can get the full picture. As it seems, the software is not as legit and reliable as it has been presented, therefore, we advise you to  and to stay away from it. Read on to get more details.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free for 90 Days
  • Software: Cryptocurrency Trading System
  • Max Returns: 7%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Online-Based Platform


  • Non-Existent Creator
  • No Risk-Free Trading
  • Fake Results
  • Negative Feedback

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Not Reliable Service

Financial Sentiment & Stockbit – Overview

As we noted above the Financial Sentiment platform uses the Stockbit trading software in order to help people benefit from the cryptocurrency market. All this is allegedly possible thanks to the generated signals that the solution is supposed to deliver to all its members. If you watch the promo clip, you will see a man called Noah Levi who is presented as a Silicon Valley investor. He is actually the person that leads the presentation of the software as he speaks to Mr. Wakanaby who is said to be the creator and owner.

The official data that is available suggests that currently, over 14,000 users from 90 countries are using the services of the platform. This sounds quite impressive, however, there are no proofs to confirm this information, so, we are not going to consider it reliable, at least for now.

How Does The System Operate?

It is said that the crypto trading solution is aimed at inexperienced online investors due to the fact that it is allegedly user-friendly and easy to use. The 1st part of the technology is supposed to track down the way the market behaves based on the people’s unified market sentiment. It targets the market in dependence on what people think and feel about it. In addition, it has been stated that the more people use the Stockbit trading platform, the better it is supposed to work. It is just how it has been allegedly designed. The system is able to define a unified market sentiment and to benefit from it.

Now you can trade with friends and family under one software. Trading cryptocurrencies has never been this easy and enjoyable. All this should be possible thanks to the special feature of the software that it supposed to assist you with your trading transactions. Of course, there is no evidence confirming the reliability of this function, so it is very likely for you to lose everything with this system.

Who is Daniel Wakanabi?

Mr. Wakanabi is said to be one of the Bitcoin creators which means that the real people behind this system maybe claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Actually, this is the most ridiculous statement that we have heard lately, therefore, we can tell you that the alleged creator of the Financial Sentiment Stockbit software is a fabricated character. The man you see in the promo clip is a hired actor and nothing else.


The Financial Sentiment Stockbit Solution is a Scam?

From everything we managed to find out about this trading crypto solution, it is more than obvious that the presented software is a scam and we want to warn all our readers about it. This is how you can save yourself from falling into a fraudulent trap.

All the gathered feedback from the Internet is negative. The former members of the software confirm the fact that it is absolutely unreliable and unauthentic. For all the people who are willing to work with a legit and trustworthy crypto trading platform, we would recommend the Crypto Code system. It is truly amazing, reliable, and professional.

Final Verdict

Our final verdict on the Financial Sentiment Stockbit solution is negative. This cryptocurrency system is not reliable and authentic, at all. In addition, it seems that this is actually an old scam that has just been released again but with a slightly changed name. Stay away from it and opt only for legit and trustworthy platforms.



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