When trading robots start gaining enormous popularity within a very short span of time, it is important for investigations to be conducted on them to reveal their legitimacy. Recently, a software called Evergreen Profits hit the online trading arena.

Developed and presented by James Canz, this trading system claims to help its users generate significant revenue online. The software is surrounded with a lot of hype and it could be a potential scam that traders may be tricked into signing up for.

We performed a thorough analysis of Evergreen Profits and our suspicions were confirmed when we found that it has numerous scam elements attached to it. We have compiled our findings in this comprehensive review of Evergreen Profits. Read this review if you want to know why we don’t recommend this trading system.

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What is Evergreen Profits?

Evergreen Profits was released as an automated trading system for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum and others.

According to the claims made on their website, the software can color anyone’s life green with wealth and perhaps this is how it got its name. They also claim that it is a free software that is easy to use and benefit from.

But, during the course of our investigation, we did not find adequate information which serves as evidence that their claims are true. It is quite incorrect to assume that a trading system can make accurate predictions all the time.

Traders must keep in mind that a trading software that seems too good to be true may potentially be a dangerous scam. It is always imperative to carry out your own research and analysis before signing up for an investment tool that is surrounded with hype, but doesn’t have any real proof of success.


How Does Evergreen Profits Work?

The Evergreen Profits app supposedly works by scanning the news sources 24 hours a day. The information that is gathered is then ranked by skilled analysts who make predictions about when is the best time to invest.

Moreover, the developer alleges that those who use this software don’t have to study trading graphs, news reports and patterns and devise investment strategies. The software does all the hard work behind the scenes so traders can generate and accumulate returns in their accounts. The most shocking part about its working process was that it doesn’t require much of human intervention. Traders can achieve great results by investing only few minutes a day into this trading system.

While earning passively is a dream for many people, we find it hard to believe that it could be possible with the Evergreen Profits app.

The narrative is full of half-truths and inconsistencies and all we could notice in the promo video is exaggerated claims and promises. No evidence is provided regarding its success rate. Therefore, we cannot believe that the software truly works like the way they are suggesting.

After all the research and evaluation, we can confirm that Evergreen Profits is not an algorithmic trading solution. This automated software is just a random number generator which tricks traders into depositing with an affiliated broker. After traders add funds to their account, the software performs bad trading actions and depletes the funds quickly. By the time traders realize that they have been scammed, the crooks would have already wiped out the entire trading account.

Evergreen Profits: Scam Investigation

Many lies have been told for the purpose of deceiving innocent and unsuspecting traders. The first lie we came across is about the developer of the app. James Canz is not a real person and he doesn’t exist. The presenter in the promo video is just a hired actor who have been paid for the job. He has nothing to do with this app.

The second lie is that they have a team of analysts working for them. The predictions they make are not based on research and analysis, but they are randomly guessed so that traders lose their investment capital.

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Lie number three is regarding the testimonials published on their website. In reality they haven’t come in from users of this app. They have been written by the scammers themselves who have used stock images to them appear real, but have failed to do so.

Another lie we have caught is that Evergreen Profits is a free app. It is not free because as soon as traders sign up, they have to deposit at least $250 into their trading accounts.

It is quite evident from the findings that Evergreen Profits has been created with dishonest intentions. The developers are only after the funds that traders put into their accounts. They aren’t worried about trader’s success or financial standing.

Final Words

Evergreen Profits is a bogus trading software that every trader must stay away from. It has many scam elements attached to it which can prove to be potentially dangerous for its users.

While we don’t advise our readers to sign up for this app, we encourage everyone to do their own research and opt for a trading solution which has a proven success rate.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Evergreen Profits to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Evergreen Profits is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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