Delta App (also known as the Delta Tech) is an automated trading robot which was founded by Jake Hammel for the sole purpose of gathering enough positive feedback from Beta testers in order to release it for a future Initial Public Offering (IPO) one day.

Mr. Hammel claims that he was a former NASA employee and worked as a software architect designing an eponymous GPS server. His close friend Zach told him that he could increase his annual earnings drastically if he developed a Forex software.

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This is how DeltaApp System came to be. We advise all users to proceed towards it with great caution as the creator is actually a paid actor and the real people behind the software have close connections to an online scam group.

Our best advice to all traders would be to either OR Pick a Reliable Robot from the table below. Read our exclusive DeltaApp Software review to find out why it is a devious system.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free for Last Round of Beta-Testers
  • Software: GPS Technology Software
  • Max Returns: 100%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Engaging Concept


  • Unreliable Win Rate
  • Fabricated Founder Story
  • Scam Platform Ties
  • Dissatisfied User Reviews
  • Fabricated Data Facts

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Not Reliable Service

What is DeltaApp (Delta Tech) System?

Jake Hammel states that he was previously employed at NASA, working on top secret projects like GPS servers. Upon meeting his childhood friend Zach, he decided to finally start working for himself and for the ordinary man who had little to no chances of achieving financial prosperity and independence.

As groundbreaking as his personal background might sound, users must not be quick to take his words for granted. Our exclusive research of DeltaApp Software’s creator revealed that he is nothing more than a paid actor.


In fact, his story and that of the establishment of the auto-pilot software bear close resemblance to that of a number of dubious Forex systems which got their release in the last couple of months. All of them claimed to provide risk-free trading but were nothing more than a scam.

It would be most wise for users to get started with an authentic piece of software like HBSwiss. It has a solid success rate and reliable daily returns. Users who have signed up with it are truly presented with the opportunity to achieve prosperity.

Interesting Fact:

Mr. Hammel states that the Delta App System has a 100% winning ratio. Inexperienced users must keep in mind that this is usually one of the very first signs that an Algo-trading robot is a scam. There is no investment software that can achieve this.

How Does DeltaApp Software Operate?

Delta App Software is allegedly based on an existing GPS technology principle. The creator states that he managed to design it in such a way as to mimic the way that such devices work and identify market trends[1] in a similar manner.

It can allegedly accumulate from $1,350 up to $22,000 thanks to the fact that it places counter-trades to retaliate financial operations which have a negative outcome for the user. It is said to operate 94/100th seconds faster than other systems but this is not true.

Since the same scenario has already been used for a wide range of scam robots, we advise investors to avoid this software. The only positive thing about it is that it requires no additional or mandatory download.

Is Delta App Robot a Scam or Trustworthy?

As good as it would have been for the online investment system to be legit and actually utilizing GPS technology in order to identify successful opportunities[2], this is not the case. Hard evidence which can be found on the Internet suggests that it is duplicitous and a likely scam.

The claims that it allows 5 users per 10 geographical regions to sign up for free is also not true. Our research into this matter revealed that anyone can get started at any given moment with no restrictions.

Final Thoughts

Delta App (Delta Tech) robot is an automated investment system that advertises itself as having a 100% success rate. Users should not believe this as there is no trading software that can analyze information so accurately. Economic analyses and market movements always involve some degree of uncertainty and this is why one must better proceed to a proven to be a legit and authentic platform.



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