Cryptos Trader platform is a cryptocurrency investment broker which was only launched on the Internet a couple of weeks ago. It features lots of special features but is missing one essential – a demo account. Some users are not very fond of this fact.

It was designed and established by a group of experienced cryptocurrency exchange traders, some of which also have a professional background in Forex, high-frequency investments, and options trading. The main CEO, founder, and Chief of Engineering is Stefano Bertoli.

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There are some digital traders that have managed to achieve good results. But then there are also those who have lost their investments. It appears as if the crypto broker platform needs more time in order to improve its operational process.

This is the main reason why we can not recommend it as a fully legit and authentic trading tool. There are also not enough indications to deem it a scam. We suggest that users avoid investing with it until it can be identified as genuine.

They can choose to either OR Pick a Trustworthy Software from the table below:

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Starting Cost Depends on the Account Type
  • Software: Cryptocurrency Exchange Broker
  • Max Returns: 100%
  • Min Deposit: Depends on Account Type


  • Access to a Variety of Account Types
  • Lots of Included Special Features


  • Insufficient Amount of Feedback
  • No Demo Account
  • Status Has Yet to Be Cleared
  • Not Enough Trading Reviews

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

Founding Team Information

We have already mentioned that the effective CEO is Stefano Bertoli. His personal background states that he is an experienced entrepreneur from Italy who always wanted to launch a risk-free investment solution. The idea occurred to him after he assisted many friends and family members with achieving favorable results by trading in the financial markets.

Vincenzo Alaia is the Chief Web Officer (CWO). He is a computer scientist who has spent most of his professional life in software development. Tomaso Trevisson is the Chief Project Officer (CPO) and Head of the Communications Department. Vicmar Suez is the Chief Support Officer (CSO). She earned a degree at the Universidad de Oriente in Venezuela, majoring in Industrial Engineering.

The personal and professional backgrounds of the founding team sound very promising. The cryptocurrency trading platform they established, however, has yet to prove its ability to generate consistent daily results. Until this happens, users are best advised to sign-up for a completely legit trading solution like QProfit System.

Interesting Fact:

Cryptos Trader platform is supported by a blockchain solution provider. The said provide a Distributed Ledger Platform whose purpose is to digitize, invest, and manage every possible asset that users can choose from. It is set to be highly customizable but this is info is not backed up by concrete facts.

Offered Trading Plans & Special Features

This crypto broker platform offers four main trading plans. Each of them has different unique features and tools. Higher account types provide access to the investment instruments of the lower, adding more on top.

Here follow a short description of what they include:

  • Entry Plan: Allows users to trade with their local currency. Provides reporting and audit models. Features Basic User Interface. Does not have a starting cost.
  • PRO + Storage Plan: Monthly starting fee of $9.90. Access to training videos and live exchange. Accounts can also be funded via the services of PayPal and Wire Transfers. There are 2 Unique User Interfaces. Security of e-Wallets and funds.
  • Sub Accounts: The monthly fee grows to $19.90. Users can take advantage of 24/7 Portfolio Management and Charting. There are managed sub-accounts for both institutions and individuals. Trading dashboards become personalized.
  • Auto-Trades: This account type includes all the special features of the previous one, adding a Margin trading Q2 2018 and Automated trading strategies to maximize results Q1 2018. The monthly fee is $29.90.

Cryptos Trader Broker Deposit & Withdrawals

The official website of this cryptocurrency exchange solution states that deposit and withdrawals can be carried out 24/7. The only thing required is for users to present a copy of a personal identification document in order to verify who they are. This is done for safety and security reasons. Users have to keep in mind that this information has yet to be verified.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform is Still Pending Approval!

This crypto broker is still pending official approval. It is not regulated by any organization. Trading reviews have also been scarce and with a mixed tone. There are some very promising things about the investment platform. But there are also many uncertainties.

The available amount of concrete facts about it are insufficient for us to make a logical conclusion whether it is a scam or legit. Users are best advised to keep an eye on its status but avoid trading with it for the time being. It operates with some of the best cryptocurrencies to mine but there is no average accuracy rate.

There are Better Platforms!

Cryptos Trader crypto broker is an interesting platform. As much as we would like to recommend it as a legit investment tool, the data regarding its operational process is not reliable enough. We will wait for the release of more information before issuing a concrete verdict. Users can make the best use of other, already proven to work properly trading instruments.



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