CryptoLogic Bot System is a CFD trading robot that claims to also operate on the cryptocurrency exchange markets. It was allegedly founded by several professional investors who decided to co-join the forces of their comprehension of the Forex and Altcoin spheres.

An in-depth inquiry into the origins of this crypto trading solution reveals that its actual founders belong to a prominent scam group. They have nothing to do with the handling of cryptocurrencies. The official website presents a great deal of conflicting information.

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It appears as if the creators themselves do not know whether their CFD investment software belongs to the category of crypto robots or brokers. Another bold statement that has no facts to back it up is the one where the Forex system can supposedly ‘pump the market cap’.

User testimonials and trading reviews suggest that this has nothing to do with the truth. Clients are not satisfied with the way it works. Our findings are also not very impressive. The CFD trading software is most likely a scam.

It is best for users to stay as far away as possible. They can choose whether to OR Choose a Trusted Trading Solution from the following table.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Does Not Include Sign-Up Fee
  • Software: CFD Trading System
  • Max Returns: 99%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Visually Pleasing Graphic Design


  • Creators Have Ties to Online Scammers
  • Accuracy Rate Too High to Be Realistic
  • Conflicting Information on Official Website
  • No Limitation Imposed on Account Types
  • Does Not Actually Handle Altcoins

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

Creators Are Not Experienced Traders

Every one of the crypto robots on the Internet advertises themselves as offering risk-free trading and legit services, even the scam ones. This does not mean that their anonymous word should be taken for granted. The coin always has two sides. And this CFD trading solution’s is not very promising.

Our investigation into their alleged personalities revealed that they are closely connected to several dubious platforms. Their professional portfolio is that of con artists, not professional investors. The currency trading software does not even operate on the actual Altcoin market.

This is why it is best to sign-up for an authentic and truly legit crypto trading software. A good choice would be the Ethereum Code System which was released several months ago. It has gained momentum and is a preferred option due to its good accuracy rate and solid results.

Interesting Fact:

One of the most disturbing things about the CryptoLogic Bot System is the fact that its accuracy ratio differs greatly from the stated. While the website of the CFD robot states that its daily results near perfection, user testimonials confirm that this is not exactly so. Most people have not managed to increase their earnings with the promised percentage.

Is It a Crypto Broker or Robot?

During our detailed inspection of the special features offered by the CFD investment system, we managed to determine that the founders of the crypto software are not certain whether they have launched a robot or a broker platform. The official website lists it as both. Its characteristics, however, make it fall into the category of the first.

Very Dubious Origins! Possible Scam!

We arrived at the logical conclusion that there is nothing legit about the CFD trading solution. There are serious indications that it might even be a scam. Most of its special features are very unimpressive. None of the crypto mining platforms it partners with is subject to any kind of official regulation.

This is why our general advice to traders would be to do their best and avoid this digital investment tool’s services. There are better options. Registering for this CFD software might impose serious risks to one’s deposits and personal funds.


Special Features are the Same for Beginners & Advanced Users

A closer look at the unique features provided by the crypto trading robot proves that they are the same for newcomers and experienced investors. The CFD software states that it offers two different types of accounts for the varying levels of proficiency of the individual user. But this is not true. There is no room for expansion or diversity of the client’s financial horizons here.

Nothing Safe or Fast About Transactions – Unreliable Software

CryptoLogic Bot System is not a trustworthy CFD trading software. Existing reviews confirm that most users are disappointed with their daily results. Some were not even able to withdraw their deposits. There are great turbulences with the withdrawal procedure. Most do not receive their transactions on time.

The only good thing about the crypto robot is its graphic design and interface. But these two do not generate solid daily results. It is best to stay away and avoid trading with it. The Internet is full of viable cryptocurrency exchange solutions.



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