Crypto World Company claims to be a registered company offering digital currency trading services. They offer a variety of trading solutions including trading robots that traders can purchase in order to optimize their results.

We carried out a massive research on this company, but we did not find any evidence of them being legit. We also did not find any proof that their trading robots are efficient and produces positive results. All that we can see on their website are claims and promises, but they are showing us nothing concrete to support their statements.

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We have shared further details and insights in this comprehensive review. If you want to know the truth about the Crypto World Company, it is crucial that you read this review till the end.

There was not enough information to make an informed decision about this application in order to rate them as a scam or a legit one.
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Basic Information:

  • Price: One-Time Payment Of $149
  • Markets: Currency Pairs Investment Software
  • Promised Returns: 100%
  • Deposit: $100


  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Creators Might Have Dubious Objectives
  • Little To No Involvement On Part Of the User
  • Actually Applies The Martingale Strategy
  • User Feedback Inclines Towards The Negative
  • Trading Might Lead To Significant Losses

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

What is Crypto World Company?

In a world where online investments have become increasingly popular and fast-paced, it is important for traders to have access to advanced trading solutions. A software system that can analyse the markets swiftly and make accurate predictions about the change in direction of prices can be a trader’s best friend. But what happens when a trader gets stuck with a non-working trading tool?

According to Crypto World Company, they offer all kinds of trading robots that can assist traders with their investments tasks. Their robots are designed to be advanced and sophisticated and when they are used by traders, they can generate exceptional results.

The robots which are on sale can be purchased to generate income on a daily basis. Crypto World Company further claims that in addition to software solutions, they also offer training and educational materials to help shorten the learning curve for beginner traders.

Their packages look exciting and attractive, but we did not find any evidence that they are working towards the best interest of their clients. Their claims of working with professional employees have also not been proven. In fact, these kinds of marketing tactics are often used by software developers to promote their products. Their claims don’t necessarily have to be true because at the end of the day the only thing that matters to them is how many systems they have managed to sell.

Some companies tell a bunch of lies to attract novice traders. But instead of giving them access to working solutions, they connect them to untrustworthy brokers. Or, they offer a solution that is only good at randomizing trades and making traders lose their investment capital.

How Does Crypto World Company Work?

Crypto World Company sells their trading systems. Their robots are priced at $20 each. They offer 10 different packages with the basic one starting from $20 and the most advanced one priced at $20,480. To find out how many trading systems are included in the plan, traders are supposed to divide the total cost by 20.

With each of the packages, traders can expect varying return rates. But the problem is that traders are also supposed to pay an activation fee for the robots they purchase. According to the information we have managed to obtain, the fee is $10 per robot.

The promised return rate is just over 2.4%, but we have no idea whether traders can expect this rate on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis.

We looked through their FAQ section to discover more information about how their trading systems work, but unfortunately we found nothing useful.

Have they even tested their robot before putting them on sale? There is no evidence that their robots work at all.

We don’t think their robots are capable of assisting traders in a positive manner. Most probably, traders who will be spending their funds on their robots will end up losing their investment capital. Actually, this is what happens when you use a bogus or fake trading software. Instead of generating returns, it will wipe out your account completely.


Crypto World Company: Scam Analysis

When investigating this company, we looked for their contact information as well as personal details. Shockingly, the company is anonymous and has not revealed their identity. They aren’t transparent with their clients which means that they are either illegal or unethical with their practices.

Since the company is operating anonymously, it should be a sign that they are not the right choice for you. If they were genuine, they would have created an About Us section on their website which would have contained the names of its owners, their background, contact details and physical location.

Even their sales video is kind of unprofessional because it only talks about how popular digital currencies are and how much traders can earn from them. but it doesn’t provide any valuable information what Crypto World Company’s robots can do and how much they can generate for their users.


Crypto World Company is a fake company that sells non-working trading systems. Although their website may look genuine and their offers may sound attractive, they truly aren’t as reliable as they claim to be.

We have found many issues with this company that we simply cannot ignore. Traders will be at a huge loss if they opt for any of their trading robots and this is the reason we don’t advice anyone to opt for their packages. As a trader, you will be far better off with a proven and safe system. Crypto World Company’s robots have neither been tested, nor proven to work.



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