The Crypto Wealth Society entered the industry quite recently and it has already started to cause some serious issues for its users. There are a number of traders who believe that it is a legitimate solution for attaining financial freedom. But only a few realize that it is a dangerous scam that should not be considered at any cost.

In this comprehensive review of Crypto Wealth Society, we’ll take a look into the details of this investment program. We are going to provide information on how it works and why it is risky to use. Read on to learn more about this fraudulent scheme that has managed to make its way into the online trading industry.

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What is Crypto Wealth Society?

Presented by someone called Andrew Sokolov, Crypto Wealth Society is a trading course that is aimed at newcomers. It is not any kind of trading system or investment tool that provides assistance to traders. Moreover, it is not even a signals generator which sends alerts to traders about when to execute trades.

According to Andrew, the course comprises of video tutorials which consists of links and resources to help beginners learn the basics of trading. It also consists of guides on the different kinds of crypto wallets that are available. Additional benefits include trading strategies, access to Andrew’s personal selection of coins, expert guidance and tutoring and customer support service.

This guy claims that he can gives traders access to all this for just $37. Once traders sign up for his course, they can learn how to trade and at the same time earn consistent returns from their investments. He claims that he has managed to identify the loopholes in the digital currency marketplace which can turn small investments into enormous gains.

Given the lucrative nature of the digital currency industry, anyone would want access to insider information that can help them generate significant wealth. But, there is no use of paying for information that can easily be taken from the internet, right?

We don’t think Andrew’s course offers any value to its users. Simply put, traders will be wasting their hard earned funds in useless information that can be accessed for free online.

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How Does Crypto Wealth Society Work?

Today, it is possible for anyone to pose as trading experts and offer investment advice. But, you should not forget that anything related to trading is a regulated activity. This means that any company or individual who wants to offer advice or trading related service must have proper licenses in place.

Crypto Wealth Society is not regulated by any financial authorities. So basically, they are offering advice in an illegal manner. If they had something good to offer, they would have certainly considered obtaining licenses. But their intention doesn’t seem as honest as they are appearing to be.

One thing that we can conclude at this point is that Andrew is just a hindsight guru who doesn’t have any real knowledge about digital currencies or trading as a whole. He and his team have just put together a bunch of useless advice and materials that will not do anything good for traders.

It is not a good idea to pay $37 for this course because there are much better and more useful programs available. The reason they charge this amount is so they can pay their affiliate marketers. If you look closely, their program is available through ClickBank which is a site where affiliates get a commission for the products they refer.

Crypto Wealth Society is just a rip-off scheme which is designed to cut into your pockets for the benefit of the people who are running this scheme. There is nothing genuine about this product.


Crypto Wealth Society: Scam Investigation

There is not much information available on their website, except a very awful presentation video which only distracts and misleads traders. In the video, Andrew mentions how he became a top trader from being a construction worker. He tells his story of struggle and success. But, there is nothing he has said or done that makes us believe him. We also don’t get to see who Andrew Sokolov really is. Anyone can do a voice over presentation and tell big stories. In fact, such people can be easily hired from freelancing websites.

While on one side we cannot believe what he is saying in his video, on the other side, people who trusted his words and signed up for this course lost their funds. There is enough evidence available that is advice doesn’t work. So far, no one has managed to trade successfully by following his words. His course is hopeless and there is no point is signing up for it.


One of the main reasons which lies behind the failure of most traders is that they tend to get greedy and try to take up any opportunity that comes their way. They don’t realize that sometimes, they are only targeted by scammers for their funds. the same is true for Crypto Wealth Society. It is a carefully crafted scam which is designed for newcomers in the industry.

Our scam investigation confirms that it is a non-working program that has been put into the market for the purpose of duping traders. Anyone who wants to save themselves from these thieves should simply say no to Crypto Wealth Society.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Crypto Wealth Society to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Crypto Wealth Society is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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