Trading in the cryptocurrency markets can be daunting due to the extensive amounts of research and analysis that is required. Over the years, a number of tools and platforms have been created to simplify the process of making investments in crypto assets. But, it is quite unfortunate that most of these tools and platforms have failed to help investors meet their investment goals.

But what about CryptoTradia? Does this platform have the potential to generate solid returns on investments?

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The promotional video of CryptoTradia has been anonymously presented. In fact, a great deal of vital information has been kept hidden from the public eye.

Overall, the concept, the website, its presentation and its offerings look extremely suspicious. We doubt that this program is viable and a good choice for investors. We performed an investigation into CryptoTradia and have detailed our findings in this review. Continue reading to establish whether you should trust this platform or not.

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What is CryptoTradia?

CryptoTradia appears to be an online investment platform that deals in cryptocurrencies. According to the information available on their website, they offer three services which include signals generation, presale deals and management of trading portfolio.

They want traders to believe that they can cater to all of their needs. They say that if traders don’t have the time to do their own research, their service will help generate the best trading signals for them and their experts will even manage their investment portfolios on their behalf.

Their site was started sometime in June 2017, but their performance stats are not convincing at all. What surprised us the most is that there is no information on who is behind this investment platform, where it is located and who their ‘experts’ actually are.


We have found very limited information about them based on which it is hard to say what they are truly offering. But one thing that is certain is that CryptoTradia doesn’t have the capability of helping its users meet their trading requirements.

How Does CryptoTradia Operate?

By looking at the products they offer, we can say that CryptoTradia sells signals, provides investment advice at a cost and also enables traders to engage in ICOs. But they don’t have a license to offer such services.

Traders should not be ignorant of the fact that financial trading services need to have proper licenses and they must be regulated in order to operate. Traders must understand that if there is lack of regulation, they won’t be able to get their funds back if something goes wrong. In fact, no financial regulatory authority will look into the matter if the service provider isn’t legitimate.

The ROI of their signals appears to be unbelievably high. The results they have reported also looks fabricated. It is simply not possible to attain an ROI of 2742.

They also claim to have ‘experts’ who offer advice. There is neither information available on these experts, nor any kind of evidence to support the data provided.

The numbers, figures and stats have been provided to lure traders into signing up for this bogus program. We can clearly see that CryptoTradia is an illegitimate trading program that will most likely drain traders’ accounts and result in loss of funds.

Interesting Fact:

There are many investment programs and trading systems available that actually work. It is crucial for traders to do some research and find a solution that will work for them. Not every system or program is a scam. Some are genuine and really efficient in delivering the desired results.

Is CryptoTradia A Scam?

The likelihood of CryptoTradia being a scam is very high. They haven’t provided any valuable information about how they operate. There are only claims and promises. But how many traders have their managed to help so far? Which crypto assets have they made right predictions about and how much returns have they generated from their predictions?

CryptoTradia operates illegally because they are not a reliable service provider. Their only aim is to get traders to invest with them. Traders will not gain anything by using their services.

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Even their promo video provides information only about bitcoins and not what their role is in securing returns from the increase in value of bitcoins. The program is shady, running in an illegal fashion and will most probably collapse in the near future with their users’ funds.

We did not find any evidence to support the results shown, performance promised or stats displayed. It is evident that these people are only after traders’ funds and this is the reason we can confirm that they are just a scam and not worth doing business with.

Final Words

After putting together all the information we have gathered, we can say that CryptoTradia is not a legitimate investment platform. It is advisable to stay away from them and avoid using their services at all costs.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Crypto Tradia to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Crypto Tradia is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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