Crypto Trade System falls among the newly-established crypto trading robots which were released in the last couple of months. Its creator is Jake Norton who states that he is also a software developer. Our investigation managed to establish that the name is actually stolen.

The voice heard in the advertising clip belongs to a paid actor. Almost all of the photographic images which appear on the official website in order to serve as user testimonials and trading reviews are also either stock images or taken from unsuspecting people’s social profiles.

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Another serious fact which makes us doubt that this cryptocurrency exchange solution is legit is that its stated accuracy rate is low but the presented average daily earnings are high. The two do not correspond with each other.

We advise all traders to view the crypto mining software as a possible scam and avoid utilizing its services. There is a great peril of potential losses. It is best to OR Choose a Legit System from the following table.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: No Registration Fee
  • Software: Automated Cryptocurrency Trading System
  • Max Returns: 83%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Beta-Testers Keep Their License After Official Release


  • Does Not Trade on the Cryptocurrency Market
  • Accuracy Rate & Daily Results Do Not Correspond
  • Stolen Creator Name
  • Stock Images Used for User Testimonials
  • Operates with Proven Scams

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Not Reliable Service

Creator Jake Norton & the Fake Name

Founder Jake Norton states that he was first introduced to cryptocurrencies back in the day when he was a student programmer by a college buddy. He allegedly laughed at his friend’s proposition to purchase some Altcoins as the Bitcoin value then was close to nothing. Norton describes this as one of his greatest mistakes as the said person is now extremely prosperous thanks to this early investment.

We advise all users to not take his words as the bare truth. The name of the creator is actually stolen from a renown climber and photographer. The scrypt mining software is actually established by a group of digital scammers. Its sole purpose of existence is to collect the initial deposits from users and then go offline, reappearing later under a different name.

It is best for traders to get started for free with a reliable CFD trading robot like the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas. It also offers the opportunity for regular people to invest in the Forex market. User feedback about it has been nothing but positive.

Interesting Fact:

The popularity of cryptocurrency exchanges has risen dramatically over the last couple of years. Some people even prefer to transfer their savings into blockchain accounts in order to keep them safe from inflation, divorce settlements, taxes, and other factors that could lead to potential losses.

Supposed Lifetime License for Beta-Testers

The hired actor who narrates the promotional video of the robot states that the Crypto Trade System is currently in the Beta-testing phase of its development. Every user that manages to secure a free spot will receive a lifetime license that will stay valid even after the Initial Public Offering (IPO) release. This is not an established practice so users should not get their expectations too high.

Alleged Smart Algorithm & Its Functions

The main purpose of the computer coding behind the currency mining solution’s algorithm is to purchase low and sell high. It allegedly combines big data investment technology with machine learning principles. Jake Norton states that it can issue split-second market forecasts and place trades instantly. Traders should know that this information is not confirmed by actual facts.


Possible Scam! Not Recommended to Join!

Our investigation of this Bitcoin trading robot did not leave us very impressed by its performance. Genuine investment reviews state that the crypto mining tool is not capable of generating even a small portion of the promised results. The personality of its creator and the displayed testimonials are also fake. It is best to rely on the services of a more reliable and trustworthy Forex trading system because this one might be a scam.

Final Words

Crypto Trade System is one of the dubious crypto robots. Most of the online investors who have opened trading accounts with it are dissatisfied with their results. It has close ties to proven scam systems and financial platforms. Operating with this scrypt mining software carries a very high risk. There are far better options on the Internet. Users should sign-up for free for one of them.



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