The Crypto Signals Software is being advertised as the world’s best digital currency signals generator. The platform has been developed by unknown people and yet they claim to deliver signals to their members with over 98% accuracy.

We had some doubts regarding their legitimacy when we first visited their website. This is why we decided to conduct a research to find out the truth about the Crypto Signals Software. To learn more about what it actually does, read this complete review.

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What is Crypto Signals Software?

According to the claims, this software allegedly scans the financial markets, analyses 600 virtual coins, calculates 4,800 trends and collects data from leading news channels and social media sites.

Their website features a lot of news articles, statements from successful investors, account statements and statistics measuring the performance of the software. Basically, there is a lot of junk published on their website.

The explanations they have given are useless and don’t make any sense. They have mentioned that their software is easy to use even for complete beginners. But just by looking at their website, we can say that beginners are going to have a tough time in understanding what this company is all about. Their homepage is overloaded with crappy information which is not going to appeal to most traders.

As far as performance is concerned, there is no evidence that anyone has ever benefited from this software.


How Does Crypto Signals Software Work?

They claim to offer so much, but when it comes to delivering, they simply don’t stand on their promise. They claim to have over 15 years of success in what they are doing for their members, but they have failed to show any proof that can validate their claims.

According to them, they make trading easier for both beginners and advanced traders. Supposedly, they have developed an algorithm that can analyze the digital currency markets with precision and generate reliable signals for traders. They say that when their members use the signals for trading, they achieve over 98% success rate.

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Basically, they want traders to believe that the Crypto Signals Software is the ‘holy grail’ of investing, but this is not true. Although they haven’t mentioned it on their website, when you want to register and use the signals, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $97.

The package they have is definitely way too expensive for traders given the fact that there is no evidence of the signals being reliable. The idea of getting first-hand information on favorable trading opportunities sounds great, but unfortunately, Crypto Signals Software is a complete rip-off. It doesn’t work in the manner they have advertised.

Crypto Signals Software is a Scam

Firstly, we had to deal with all the fake information that has been posted on their website. The information is random and doesn’t offer any value. Everyone knows how lucrative the digital currency markets are, and that there are opportunities available to generate substantial returns from investments. But it is quite wrong to assume that there exists a software that can yield 98% accuracy rates.

For one second we can assume that they carry out the analysis for traders, but what’s the guarantee that the signals generated are reliable and accurate? There is none.

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We are never told what strategies they use to produce signals. There is no information on what indicators, technology or algorithms are used. In fact, there is no information on the developers of this software. The program doesn’t have a clear leadership and this is another reason we have for not trusting them. We also looked for their domain details and it appears that they have kept all the information private. These people who are operating this scam are hiding in the dark while trying to manipulate you.

We don’t even encourage anyone to visit their website because they clearly lack security features. Their website isn’t protected or encrypted which means that your information will not be safe with them. If they were genuine, they would have taken the measures to implement security features such as SSL encryption on their website.

While we didn’t find any positive reviews, we came across several complaints from traders who have used this signals service. Crypto Signals Software is being regarded as a fake and malicious app that is stealing funds from their users. They charge huge subscription fees, but don’t deliver quality signals and traders are left to make decisions by themselves most of the time.


The Crypto Signals Software is not a safe trading solution. It has numerous scam factors attached which suggest that it is fraudulent and could be extremely dangerous.

Staying away from this system could be the best thing you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of their scam. Furthermore, if you are serious about becoming a successful trader, you should opt for a system that is proven to work.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Crypto Signals Software to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Crypto Signals Software is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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