CryptoRobo System is a cryptocurrency trading software whose creator is former German carpenter Walter Zubringer. The investment solution is supposed to offer security and safety to online users but our investigation proves that there is something very dubious about it.

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The trading robot’s programming algorithm is said to be based on the Arbitrage Principle but there is no hard evidence of this. Zubringer issues a claim that the digital investment instrument takes leverage on several different trading operations at the same time instead of focusing on just one.

There is no given accuracy rate which is never a good sign. Our inquiry confirms that the personality of Walter is totally made-up and his statements should not be viewed as the bare truth. The pieces of evidence we came across point out that there is a high likelihood of the auto-pilot robot being a scam.

It is best for online investors to either OR Pick a Genuine Software from the following table. The one at present is not worth one’s attention and time.

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Quick Crypto Robo Trading System Review:

Basic Information:

  • Price: No Starting Cost;
  • Software: Arbitrage Principle Crypto Robot;
  • Max Returns: 1% on Top of Every Investment;
  • Min Deposit: $250;


  • Does Everything Instead of the End User


  • Some Analysis is Carried Out Manually
  • List of Cryptocurrencies is Not the Stated
  • Founding Creator is Not Genuine
  • Traders Have Not Achieved Spectacular Results
  • Great Functionality Issues

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Not Reliable Service

What is CryptoRobo System?

This digital investment instrument claims to provide secure and risk-free trading opportunities. The careful examination of user testimonials and investment reviews proves that this is not so. The majority of the people who trade on the online financial markets and have tested the cryptocurrency exchange solution state that they are not satisfied and content with the daily results.

Its creator is supposed to be German-born Walter Zubringer who worked as a carpenter. Six years ago, he underwent a severe work accident which made him re-think his life choices. This is how he got into virtual investments. His company now employs more than 50 people from three different continents.

There is nothing genuine about this story. Zubringer is a fictional persona. He was made-up in order to make a scam crypto robot look like a legit one. The reality is that it is a devious sham. It is best for investors to proceed elsewhere.

A proper suggestion would be the QProfit System. This Forex robot has a stable accuracy rate. Its founder Jerry Douglas designed it specifically so that it can help novice achieve consistent results. Users will be better off with a reliable and genuine trading software like this.

Interesting Fact:

It is actually an established fact that the first ever Bitcoin purchase was the order of two pizzas back in the early days of the best cryptocurrency to mine. They are nowadays known as the most expensive pizzas on the planet.

How Does the Cryptocurrency Trading Solution Work?

This crypto robot is supposed to operate according to the Arbitrage Principle. In simpler words, this would have to mean that the crypto system acts as an intermediary agent between the end trader and the cryptocurrency exchange market.

According to the words of its alleged creator Walter Zubringer, it leverages a certain amount of earnings on several trades instead of focusing on a single one. We did not come across substantial proof that this is true.

Is the Crypto Robot a Scam or Legit Trading System?

All available evidence that we examined suggests that the cryptocurrency exchange solution is a scam. There is no proof that the person Walter Zubringer actually exists in real life. There is also conflicting information regarding how many people does the company behind the crypto robot actually employ – one website lists them as 50 and another – as more than 90.


None of the provided services is anything spectacular. It is supposed to be managed by both an investment algorithm and real-time analysis issued by actual people. Users state, however, that the accuracy rate is very low and they can not generate steady daily results.

Final Thoughts

CryptoRobo System is a scam digital investment instrument. It does not operate properly and none of its special features is anything all that impressive. User testimonials confirm that most traders have not managed to generate steady and consistent daily earnings. This is why our best advice to traders is to avoid utilizing the services of the auto-pilot software.



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