Crypto Prophecy is one of the newest crypto trading solutions that have been recently launched on the market. The alleged creator of this product is a girl called Suzy. Her nickname, however, is the Cryptogirl. All the traders who decide to opt for this platform are supposedly going to get unlimited access to some kind of a control panel that can help them start generating positive results.

It has been also stated that the members of the software will be able to directly copy the trades placed by the girl as she is said to be very good in this. Finally, the users of the product are promised to get access to a weekly webinar.

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According to some additional information, that we found in the Internet space, this crypto trading software is a simple program that is full of easy formulas and steps that traders can use in the crypto field in order to increase their success. Even if you have little knowledge about the crypto trading sphere, you should be able to generate consistent positive results.

Read the following scam review to get some more information. As of now, we advise you to  and to avoid dealing with this product.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: $44.40
  • Software: Crypto Platform
  • Max Returns: No Data
  • Min Deposit: No Data


  • Easy Sign up Process


  • Fake Creator
  • Poor Results
  • Negative Feedback

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Not Reliable Service

More About The Crypto Prophecy System

A lady who calls herself Suzy, aka known as the “Crypto Girl” seems to run this crypto training program. It is an educational program, that is supposed to help inexperienced people become successful cryptocurrency investors. In addition, they are promised to get access to a copy trading feature which should allow them to mirror the trades placed by the young girl. Finally, each week you will get webinars, which are the main educational material on the platform. If you have any crypto related questions, Suzy should answer them via these webinars.

Our initial research, however, proved that there is not any legitimate source to confirm the authenticity of this system. You are just supposed to trust this anonymous girl and to invest your funds in her system with the hope that this will bring you positive results.

What Does Crypto Prophecy Offer?

The materials that you will receive when you sign up in the Crypto Prophecy platform are said to be created as a result of many years of studies. They have been conducted amongst people of various age. Then, the collected information has been analyzed and the points and areas that were more difficult to understand were carefully selected.


All the provided tips and trading alerts are said to be practical and reliable. Also, each concept should be described in-depth which means that users should be provided with detailed explanations and various practical examples. Unfortunately, our personal experience with the system proved all these statements wrong, as it does not provide you with any top information. On the contrary, you are going to receive some general data related to the rules in the crypto trading field.

Crypto Prophecy Is a Scam or Not?

We are more than certain that this cryptocurrency training program is a scam that should not be trusted. During the video you will be promised that every topic in the world of crypto that matters has been covered, however, this is a 100% lie. The platform is fake and it delivers nothing but poor results to its members. In other words, you are going to lose all your invested savings in case you decide to opt for it.

We also checked the Internet to find feedback uploaded by former users of the solution. All of the testimonials we gathered were negative which only confirms our negative final verdict on the software.

Final Thoughts

The Crypto Prophecy system is one of the fake and not-working crypto trading solutions that have recently been presented on the market. It generates poor results and the special features it promises to its users are missing. This is a proof of the fact that you should stay away from this software in case you want to save your funds.



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