Cryptocurrency trading has risen so much in popularity that every now and then we see a new automated trading system making its way into the market.

The latest addition to the ever-increasing list is CryptoPoint. According to statements available on their website, it is an accurate trading app which also provides the best crypto trading training to newbies.

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They claim that it is a simple to use system with a high level of accuracy. Put simply, the system can supposedly generate significant returns for anyone; regardless of their experience and knowledge in trading.

Unfortunately, when we performed an investigation, we found it to be the exact opposite. We believe that CryptoPoint is a terrible scam and poses real danger to anyone who wishes to use it. It is most likely a scam which people should do their best to avoid. Users will be better off if they choose to Proceed to Safe Robot OR Picking a Genuine Trading Tool from the following table. The present one will not get the job done.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free
  • Software: Auto-pilot Trading App
  • Max Returns: Unknown
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Fully Operational System


  • Does Nt Have Innovative Features
  • Produces Inaccurate Signals
  • Useless Training Material Offered
  • Poor Performance of Software

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

What is CryptoPoint?

Due to the lucrative nature of the cryptocurrency trading world, it is understandable that many people are desperate to become a part of it. To get an edge over trading or to benefit from the industry, people are willing to make use of any software that comes their way, promising to deliver great results.

CryptoPoint is one of those tools that have been designed to take advantage of the needs of innocent people. Developed as an automated trading tool, it promises to generate returns on behalf of its users. Not only this, it promises to offer training to help traders learn about the industry and how they can become successful.

If we pay attention to the words of the developers, then we are looking at a system that has been created to eradicate poverty. Anyone who creates such a system will be proud of their creation and will want to be known for their work. But the developers of CryptoPoint have chosen to remain completely anonymous.

They haven’t disclosed any relevant information about who they are or where they belong. Is it that their software doesn’t work as they have promised? Yes, this is very much the case with CryptoPoint. It is a pointless software that is not capable of producing acceptable trading results.


How Does CryptoPoint Operate?

This trading system is being promoted heavily on the internet. In fact, people are receiving unsolicited mails in their inbox asking them to create an account. but when it comes to learning about how it actually works, then there is no information available.

Anyone who uses a software for the first time will want to know how it operates. In the case of a cryptocurrency trading robot, they will want to be informed about the technical indicators uses, algorithms and technology incorporated, trading strategies in use and the brokers they will get to partner with.

The main problem we have figured out about CryptoPoint is that we are only told that it is a reliable and accurate app, but the creators haven’t divulged any details about its working mechanism. They can’t expect traders to use it without first knowing about how it works to deliver the kind of results shown to them.

The truth about CryptoPoint is that it has been created with deception in mind. Innocent traders are tricked into signing up for the software and then they are linked to an unregulated broker. The software works automatically, but executes losing trades instead of winning trades. The reason is that the software doesn’t employ algorithms or trading strategies of any sort. It places random trades which results in traders losing their investment capital.

Interesting Fact:

Cryptocurrencies are becoming one of the top investment options for traders. New exchanges are being set up really fast to cater to the demands of traders who are looking to invest. But, it should not be forgotten that some of the biggest heists have been pulled on cryptocurrency exchanges. In Jan, 2018, someone stole $500 million worth of tokens from a popular Japanese exchange.

Is CryptoPoint A Worthy Trading Tool?

CryptoPoint is definitely not an investment software that traders should trust. Every CryptoPoint user has the same thing to say about this software. It doesn’t generate any earnings or returns on investments.

The broker associated with this system makes withdrawals impossible. If traders suspect that are in a trap and try to withdraw the remaining funds, they are not permitted to do so. Basically, traders will lose whatever amount they put into their accounts.

The learning materials and content provided by CryptoPoint are useless. The same exact materials can be obtained for free by doing a Google search so why pay for it. The creators of the system are trying to rob investors by claiming to offer effective learning tools.

The system doesn’t teach anything that can help traders achieve success in the cryptocurrency trading world.

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Their rate of return on investments is unrealistic and the feedback coming from real traders is also negative. Based on the information we have gathered; we can say that the software doesn’t hold any potential. The results cannot be verified as authentic because they are heavily fabricated.

We haven’t come across any trader or user of this app who has expressed satisfaction. Therefore, it is quite clear that CryptoPoint is a bogus trading software.

Final Thoughts

With the CryptoPoint trading app, traders will not be able to have an enhanced investment experience. While it is true that users can acquire a license to use it for free, it should be noted that it is just a trap to link them to unscrupulous brokers who require a deposit of $250.

Traders will be making a big mistake if they opt for this trading system. it is advisable to stay away from it or sign up for a software that is proven to work.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Crypto Point to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Crypto Point is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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