The Crypto Method System is a CFD trading software which was supposedly developed by software engineer Mike Lewis. The said has supposedly spent several years of his life working for a large financial firm on Wall Street. He developed the cryptocurrency exchange robot for his former boss who disappeared shortly after its completion.

Mike describes the CFD trading solution as belonging to the legit crypto robots. He claims that its main function is to act as ‘a personal ATM machine’ for cryptocurrencies. This statement is, of course, not true. A detailed inspection of the alleged creator reveals that he does not exist at all.

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There is no such man. The voice heard in the promo video is that of a paid actor who was hired specifically for the purpose. The expected daily results are also not genuine as the user testimonials and reviews also feature only amateur actors.

Our final verdict is that this CFD trading robot is a complete scam. Users should do their best to avoid it at all costs. Those who wish to get started with an authentic investment tool can OR Choose a Reliable Software from the following table.

Top Crypto Robots

Basic Information:

  • Price: No Starting Cost
  • Software: Crypto Trading Solution
  • Max Returns: More Than 100%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Operates with Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges


  • Creator & Testimonial Users Are Amateur Actors
  • Daily Results Completely Non-Realistic
  • Partners with Famous Digital Scammers
  • Genuine Reviews Have Dissatisfied Tone
  • Signals Could Not Be Trusted

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

Mike Lewis & His ‘Personal ATM Machine’

The founder of this trading robot states that he worked for several years at an upscale company on Wall Street as a software developer. His employer approached him one day and assigned him to focus on the design of a top-secret financial system which would help their high-end clients trade on the Altcoin market without purchasing any digital currency.

Mike Lewis allegedly spent almost a year on this project before it was ready. Once he told his boss that the work was finished, the latter told him to keep it a secret and disappeared the very next day. This was the moment that the creator realized that he had developed ‘a personal ATM machine’ for him.

He then decided to leave programming for crypto trading. His investment strategies were supposedly so good that he was featured in news clippings and articles in CNNMoney, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.

We managed to determine that none of this information is true. The man whose voice is heard in the promotional video is just a paid actor. It is best for online users to avoid this CFD trading software and open an account with a reliable crypto trading robot like the Ethereum Code. It has a stable daily results rate and genuine reviews prove that it is legit.

Interesting Fact:

What the narrator of the advertising clip for The Crypto Method System describes as the operational foundation of the CFD trading solution is a software which operates on the cryptocurrency exchange market using contract-for-differences. This is how it keeps users safe from fluctuation in the Altcoins and Bitcoin value. There are several legit crypto mining robots that apply it but the one at hand is not one of them.

Amateur Actor Testimonials & Trading Reviews

The most conspicuous thing about this CFD trading tool is the fact that it utilizes paid actors from freelancing websites in order to present a legitimate image. A quick research reveals that they are nothing more than amateurs who film themselves presenting a given product in exchange for a small fee.

None of the written and video reviews on the website of the currency trading bot are authentic. We have managed to determine that the actual people behind this investment scam are also closely tied to several others that were released on the Internet the preceding months.

Conspicuous CFD Trading Robot to Avoid!

Our team issues the final verdict that this cryptocurrency exchange software is a complete scam. There is nothing authentic or real about it. User reviews are fabricated and the legit ones on the web suggest that average daily results are rather unimpressive. There are no original or handy special features and the Crypto Method System bears a close resemblance to already existing dubious programs. It is best to stay as far away from it as possible.


Same People, Different Scam

There is a sufficient amount of evidence that the same people which stand the launch of this crypto trading tool have also released The Bitcoin Method scam. Both CFD robots apply the same investment platform and advertise themselves as having only 25 free spots. There are minor changes in the colors of the user interface. This is one more reason for regular users, especially newcomers, to avoid the scrypt mining solution.

Better Crypto Robots on the Digital Horizon!

Crypto Method System is an online cryptocurrency scam that is a re-hashed version of several pre-existing CFD trading solutions. There is close to nothing genuine about it. Results are not verified by a third party and the crypto trading software does not partner with legitimate investment platforms. Users can stay safe by avoiding its so-so services and opting for a truly authentic Altcoin investment robot.



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