Crypto.IQ is one of the latest companies to offer digital currency investment services. The company has been founded by Charlie Shrem and his team who claim to have over 100 years of combined knowledge of the traditional financial markets and digital assets.

According to their website, the services they offer are designed to assist investors with their investment tasks and help them generate substantial returns on a daily basis. They claim to offer tools that can help anyone invest with confidence.

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If you have heard about Crypto.IQ and are looking to find out more information about this company, then we urge you to read our review.

There was not enough information to make an informed decision about this application in order to rate them as a scam or a legit one.
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What is Crypto.IQ?

In an era where digital currencies have become extremely popular, the majority of investors are turning their attention of digital assets and blockchain. There is no doubt that virtual assets such as bitcoins and ethereum have revolutionized the way investors preserve their wealth and it is not surprising to see the demand there is to take digital currency trading to a whole new level.

Crypto.IQ was created to offer all the tools and support traders would need to enhance their gains. The company has employed professional investors who are willing to help others, especially those who are struggling in this industry to achieve success, fame and wealth.

But the problem is that investing in digital currencies comes with very high risks. What matters most is credibility and what if the currency you are planning to invest in doesn’t retain its value for long?

If a company like this worked and if digital currencies kept increasing in value infinitely, then no one in this world would be poor. Everyone would make investments in this field and enjoy unlimited financial freedom.

How Does Crypto.IQ Work?

We went through the details of this company and their operational process to find out what they offer and how they can help investors. We found that they offer two packages. Their Essentials package costs $69 per month and with this you can get access to a range of services including a monthly magazine, private facebook group, daily BTC analysis, the company’s coin portfolio, research reports, exclusive interviews, news digest and educational library.

Their second, which is the Inner Circle package, costs $299 per month. With all the benefits offered in the Essentials package, this one also includes SMS alerts, access to other traders, company’s buys and sells, 24/7 news, model portfolio, trade signals and proprietary indicators.

So according to them, if you want to become successful in this industry, you can opt for one of their packages and get insights and tools that will assist you as you go.

First of all, we find the pricing to be inappropriate for the services they claim to offer. The prices are generally too high, considering the fact that making investments in this industry is so risky. No one can become a part of this industry and earn significant wealth overnight. It takes a lot of time to gain an understanding about the whole industry and of course patience to make the right trading decisions.

The packages are too costly and the risk factor is too high. Plus, there is no guarantee that their services will help shape your financial future. You will basically be wasting your funds by joining their company.

Crypto.IQ Could be a Scam

These kinds of companies are often created to scam unsuspecting investors. They claim to offer tools and solutions that can help you attain financial independence, but once they get their hands on your hard earned funds, they vanish into thin air.

Crypto.IQ is a little different from those companies because it doesn’t plan on taking a one-time fee. Once you join it, you will have to pay them on a monthly basis regardless of what you achieve. Whether you achieve any success or not, you will be stuck with a company that is determined to rob you at every opportunity that is given to them.


Their packages are already very expensive so even if you leave after the first month, they will have nothing to lose. The only one who will be losing will be you.

Such companies don’t last long because they fail to offer useful material to their clients. Crypto.IQ has been in operation for so long, but there is no one who has actually benefitted from their services. There are no positive reviews which means there has never been a happy client.

They also lied when they said that they had limited number of spots available. if you land on their website, they will have a timer showing how many spots are left. Within a few minutes the number will come down to one or two spots only. At that moment, you will feel that you will miss out if you don’t sign up quickly. This is a common pressure tactic used by scammers to pressurise you into signing up with them. They create a situation so you end up making a decision hastily instead of taking your time to think and then deciding.


We don’t recommend our readers to use the services of Crypto.IQ. It is most probably a scam solution that is designed to drain your investment account.

Our only advice for you is to opt for a safe and proven system that will give you stable returns consistently. Crypto.IQ is definitely not the right choice, so don’t waste your time or funds with any of their packages.



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