Cryptohopper System is a newly-launched cryptocurrency exchange app which is supposed to be entirely cloud-based. Its initial concept does sound interesting. But the lack of positive trading reviews reveals that there is something fishy about its special features. There is also a lack of substantial information regarding the alleged creators.

The official website provides no facts about their background, even the most basic mentioning of their professional portfolio. Clients are uncertain whether the founders have any investment knowledge and skills at all.

This probably explains the fact why such a small number of people have signed-up, even though the crypto trading solution has been online for several weeks. Our investigation into it did not arrive at any impressive conclusions either.

It is best for users to view it as a possible investment scam. There are far better cryptocurrency exchange solutions and CFD trading robots on the Internet. Clients can choose whether they wish to OR Choose a Reliable Robot from the table below.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: Free One-Month Trial Period
  • Software: Crypto Trading Solution
  • Max Returns: 100%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • Offers Exclusive Unique Features


  • Users Must Pay a Hefty Sum
  • No Positive Testimonials Yet
  • No Creator Biography Provided
  • Users Mainly Disappointed by Performance
  • Signals Accuracy Not Proven

Top10BinaryDemo Verdict

Not Reliable Service

Unclear Founding Figures

This Bitcoin investment tool does have some interesting features. But until a full biography of the creator or founding figures is provided to online users, we cannot recommend it as a legit and viable trading software. The available user testimonials and reviews are also far from sounding dazzled by its monthly performance.

It does not involve as much risk-free trading as its founders like to present and advertise it to the digital public. The only good thing about it is that the client gets to choose where his or her virtual assets are stored. There is also a tricky side to this.

Some inexperienced users might find it hard to determine which the best crypto wallets are. Their acquired earnings might be exposed to some unexpected perils and might get lost. Until more reliable proof is presented to the public as to the actual origin and capabilities of the crypto robot, we cannot recommend it as a safe and sound trading system.

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Users would be better off if they choose the services of a truly legit and authentic cryptocurrency exchange program. A good choice would be the Crypto Code System which operates only with regulated and approved Altcoin investment platforms.

Interesting Fact:

Most of the trading plans offered by this Bitcoin investment system refer to a hopping animal. They are even named after a bunny, a hare, and a kangaroo, trying to symbolize the level of investment growth that the client can experience. The crypto robot’s ability to generate stable and consistent daily results, however, remains unproven.

What Kind Of Features Does The Crypto Robot Offer?

The cryptocurrency exchange tool lets users pick a crypto trading exchange from their list of available ones. Their Cryptohopper System account is linked to it. Clients can also decide if they wish to invest manually or let the digital investment software assist them with advice.

The main special features of the Bitcoin investment tool include:

  • Externally-Issued Signals: The crypto trading alerts are generated by an unknown third party which imposes some risk of the fruitfulness of the actual results.
  • Cloud-Based Platform: Once the user has configured his or her settings, the investment process will continue even when he or she is offline.
  • Member Discord & Telegram: Users can exchange useful information and tips with others when they are online.
  • Stop-Loss Feature: Clients can choose their preferred cryptocurrency exchange trends and the digital assistant will inform them when the conditions are just right.
  • Back-Testing: One can see how his settings configuration will work out.Technical Analysis: This special feature is common for all crypto robots so it isn’t anything unseen. Users can choose between applying six different technical indicators – Stock, RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Trend, and OBV.


Is The Crypto Trading System a Scam or Legit?

Cryptohopper System is a digital cryptocurrency exchange app that comes from a misty background. It is most likely a scam. The crypto robot is not even free, to begin with. It offers a costless one-month trial, after which clients can choose from three separate plans – Bunny Adventure Hopper, Hare Advanced Hopper, and Kangaroo Master Hopper. There is no likelihood of anyone achieving anything with this crypto trading software. One better avoid it!

Don’t Jump Into The Sham’s Lair!

Cryptohopper System is a scam crypto trading solution. It does not offer legitimate investment opportunities to its clients. There is close to nothing authentic about it, apart from some of the special features which become useless because the algorithm is not accurate enough. There are far better Altcoin investment apps on the Internet. Users should proceed to one of them.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Crypto Hopper to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Crypto Hopper is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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