Crypto Formula is a new cryptocurrency trading system that has been designed by Max Eaton. According to the developer, he is looking for 100 beta testers to try out this software at a cost of $37. He says that because it is a powerful and accurate solution, anyone who uses it will be able to generate returns in thousands every day.

For a system that has been just released, these kinds of claims seem outrageous. Even our investigation into the matter has revealed that their statements are not true.

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What is Crypto Formula?

The software has been designed to trade cryptocurrencies. Traders can become a member of the beta testing scheme by paying a fee of $37. After this, they can gain lifetime access to the software and use it to generate massive gains.

Max Eaton pretends that he has managed to crack the code to unlimited wealth in the lucrative cryptocurrency trading industry. Even the Crypto Formula app consists of characteristics that make it look like a rewarding opportunity. But if the software was truly a viable option for investing in digital assets, why would it be given out for just $37.

If you are thinking about placing your hard earned funds into the hands of these people you don’t know much about, then you seriously need to think twice.

We did not find anything promising or valuable in Crypto Formula. Even reviews and feedback published on the internet suggest that it is a useless piece of trading system that doesn’t offer anything good. There are some dark secrets about this software that we are going to reveal in the next section of this review. Read on to learn more about its operational process.

How Does Crypto Formula Work?

Crypto Formula doesn’t have any impressive special features so we don’t understand how it manages to deliver positive results. For a trading system to work efficiently, it should have powerful and innovative features. It should utilize algorithms and technology that is capable of analysing the financial markets precisely and making predictions that lead to executing profitable trades.

But in the case of Crypto Formula, there is nothing unique about the system. There are no algorithms, indicators, or use of advanced technology that can enhance its capabilities. It isn’t reliable because it generates signals randomly.


The working mechanism of Crypto Formula is extremely shocking because it risks user’s funds by placing randomized trades. Relying on a software like this one can put users at a great risk of losing their investment capital. Actually, this is exactly what happens when you use Crypto Formula.

They put you into contact with a shady broker who is only after your deposit. The $37 membership fee is not the only amount you need to get started with this software. An additional $250 will be required before you can even access the software. You will not be made aware of this fact until you complete the sign up process. In case, you deposit $250 into your account, you will be making a big mistake because you will not be able to recover the amount in anyway. Withdrawals will not be possible with the broker and as soon as funds appear in your account, the software will execute few losing trades from your account and deplete the available funds.

Crypto Formula Is a Typical Scam

We have not managed to find anything genuine about Crypto Formula. The landing page doesn’t provide much details about the creator and his company. Max Eaton claims to be the CEO of the software, but he doesn’t have a registered company. When we looked up information on him, we found nothing of value. In fact, the photograph shown of him on their website is not real. The picture has been used several times to promote different products. We can confirm that it is a royalty free image which can be obtained from stock image websites.

We can also confirm that these people have connections with online scammers who have relaunched scam trading systems in the past. Basically, they duplicate the software, create a new website, change few things around and relaunch the software under a different name. They put in a lot of effort to make it appear genuine and there are times when innocent and new traders get trapped in their scam.

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The crooks even make use of fake testimonials to attract the attention of traders. But again, those testimonials have been done by hired actors who have nothing to do with the actual trading software.

Plus, Crypto Formula has never been featured on BBC, CNBC and other leading media groups. The endorsements are fake and confirms that these scammers can go to any length to dupe innocent traders.

Final Thoughts

It is best to avoid using Crypto Formula because it is a devious trading system that will only cause harm to its users. It is not worthy of recommendation and we advise traders to steer clear of it all the time.

It is wiser to look for a safer alternative if you want to generate stable returns from your investments in cryptocurrencies. There are innovative and advanced trading systems available on the market which produce consistent results and are stacked with a variety of special features to enhance your overall trading experience.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Crypto Formula to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Crypto Formula is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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